Sun Microsystems Commends Administration for Steps to Bolster U.S. High-Tech Exports

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California -- September 29, 1993 -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. (SMI) today commended President Clinton and his Administration for easing export restrictions on popular computer products. At the same time, Scott McNealy, President and CEO of SMI, encouraged the President to continue the dialogue with industry to ensure that public policy keeps pace with the rapid pace of technological innovation.

"To continue to be competitive today, U.S. computer companies must grow in global markets or die," McNealy said. "By easing export restrictions on computers already widely available from other sources outside the United States, the Clinton administration has taken a bold step to bolster our high-tech exports."

Today's announcement will lift restrictions on the export of computer systems with a composite theoretical performance (CTP) of 500 million theoretical operations per seconds (MTOPS) or less and will change the current definition of a "supercomputer" to include systems with a CTP of 2,000 MTOPS or more.

"Foreign markets are a key factor in the future success of this industry," McNealy said. More than 60% of U.S. computer companies' revenues are derived from sources outside the United States. Exports enable innovative American companies to enter new markets and continue to be competitive in existing markets. Each billion dollar increase in merchandise exports from the U.S. means more that 19,000 new high-tech, higher wage jobs."

Sun also commended members of California and Massachusetts congressional delegations for their strong support of the computer industry in its efforts to improve federal export regulation.