Free Software - Advocacy

1984-03-21   Where's the (c) on Unix? - See document

1985-05-xx   Hackers' Conference 1984  More  [PDFs]

1986-02-xx   Donald Knuth interview - See document  [PDF]
1986-12-14   Swedish copyright laws

1987-01-08   Minix, utilities taken from AT&T Unix - See document
1987-08-04   Mach, the new standard? - See document

1988-05-05   Make sysV look more like a GNU system
1988-09-21   GNU and Minix - See document
1988-09-23   No Free Software for Mac users

1989-01-xx   GNU Bulletin (Some parts of BSD are becoming free)
1989-01-11   One Man's Fight for Free Software
1989-03-22   GNU - Apple
1989-04-14   Computer Scientists, Watch Out
1989-04-24   MIT Software Developers Field 'Freedom' Campaign  More
1989-05-18   Porting gcc and g++ to the Macintosh
1989-05-20   Picket Lotus May 24
1989-05-24   Protect Your Freedom, Boycott Apple  More
1989-05-29   What kind of things would you want in the GNU OS
1989-05-31   info-gcc is not a common carrier
1989-05-25   Lotus Targeted Over Copyright Issue  More  More  More  More
1989-06-xx   GNU Bulletin  (Porting BSD Unix Through the GCC)
1989-06-01   GNU, Philosophy, Apple, Newsgroup owners etc
1989-06-02   The boycott moves forward
1989-06-02   Some people won't use GCC
1989-06-07   Mac for the axe
1989-06-07   If the user does the link
1989-06-08   dwb, apple, info-gcc is not a common carrier, etc.
1989-06-09   Should Apple employees be held responsible?
1989-06-10   Intellectual property rights
1989-06-12   Help me not buy a Mac II
1989-06-17   The purpose of info-gcc
1989-07-15   Richard Stallman contrives to help to improve computer software
1989-07-20   Boycott Apple
1989-09-20   Objective-C front end for GCC from NeXT
1989-11-10   Announcing the League for Programming Freedom  More
1989-11-21   GNU's a menace
1989-12-02   GNU Public License restrictions and GNU utilities
1989-12-14   Copyleftability
1989-12-19   GNU Public Virus ... er ... License

1990-01-xx   GNU Bulletin  (gNU Support Company)
1990-01-04   Paying for shareware
1990-02-xx   Fallacies In The User Interface Copyright Debate  [PDF]
1990-02-18   Protect your freedom to use standard interfaces  More  [PDF]
1990-06-xx   GNU Bulletin
1990-06-29   Richard Stallman: Lotus Wins Copyright Infringement Suit  More  More
1990-07-02   Are extortion fees exorbitant?
1990-07-14   Fight "Look and feel" Lawsuits--March on Lotus August 2
1990-08-02   Computer Programmers Hold Freedom Rally for Their Software
1990-08-07   Fight "Look and Feel" Lawsuits  More  [PDF]  More  [PDF]  More
1990-09-17   Programming Freedom At Risk
1990-10-02   Letter about GCC in SunExpert
1990-10-14   Richard Stallman: Issues regarding Apple
1990-10-17   Mike Tiemann on free software market
1990-10-17   GNU and Minix
1990-10-21   Richard Matthew Stallman: Power To The Programmer
1990-11-09   Apple's New Look and Feel
1990-11-12   Richard Stallman: The issue behind the Apple boycott
1990-11-14   Programmers should move from mac to NeXT
1990-11-21   Programming freedom is new group's objective

1991-01-xx   GNU Bulletin
1991-01-15   Protect Your Freedom to Write Programs
1991-01-16   GNU Project Electronic Mailing Lists
1991-01-29   RMS says...
1991-02-07   Lotus Disinformation Forewarned is Forearmed  [PDF]
1991-02-26   LPF February Mailing  More  More  More  More  PDFs: 1  2  3  4  5
1991-03-06   Motif and GNU
1991-03-09   How to Recruit Members for the League  [PDF]
1991-05-20   Richard Stallman Is Consumed by the Fight To End Copyrighting
1991-06-xx   GNU Bulletin
1991-06-30   LPF June Mailing  More  More  [PDF]
1991-07-26   Free software and electronic freedom
1991-10-20   Against User Interface Copyright  [PDF]
1991-10-21   Book that isn't free  More
1991-11-xx   Programming Freedom
1991-11-16   Boycotts and fairness

1992-01-xx   GNU Bulletin  Programming Freedom  More  More  More  More
1992-06-xx   GNU Bulletin
1992-06-xx   The Hurd: the GNU Kernel Advances

1993-01-xx   GNU Bulletin  (GNU Zip to Replace Compress)
1993-01-07   FSF actions vs purposes
1993-01-15   Protect Your Freedom to Write Programs  [PDF]
1993-03-xx   Programming Freedom  More
1993-05-05   Ordering from the FSF helps support work on the GNU project
1993-06-xx   GNU Bulletin  (informal 'GCC Consortium'')
1993-06-08   Supporting FSF by using Emacs manual

1994-01-xx   GNU Bulletin  (Towards a New Strategy of OS Design)
1994-06-xx   GNU Bulletin
1994-07-xx   Programming Freedom
1994-10-04   What GNU tutorials would you attend?
1994-11-11   Is free software good in quality?

1995-01-xx   GNU Bulletin  (Debian GNU/Linux)
1995-01-03   Boston Area GNU Party
1995-02-xx   Programming Freedom
1995-07-10   San Francisco Bay Area GNU Picnic

1996-01-xx   GNU Bulletin
1996-02-02   Conference on Freely Redistributable Software
1996-04-18   Hurd binary image
1996-04-28   The FSF is no longer sponsoring Debian
1996-05-31   Linux and the GNU system
1996-07-15   Hurd--ne plus ultra of vaporware?
1996-10-xx   The Politics of Freedom

1997-01-xx   GNU Bulletin
1997-03-07   Please do not use GNU newsgroups to advertise books
1997-04-13   Why there are no GIF files on GNU web pages
1997-05-06   Linux and the GNU Project
1997-06-27   Congress Concerning Debian GNU/Linux This Fall
1997-07-xx   GNU Bulletin
1997-08-04   The Hurd and Linux
1997-08-04   Selling Free Software
1997-09-20   Better Society through Free Software

1998-02-16   Open Source Software: It's Still Free Software
1998-03-xx   GNU Bulletin
1998-05-28   Have we got a good free Perl manual?
1998-07-07   The Free Software Song  [WMA]  More
1998-07-20   Free Software Award
1998-07-23   GNU Project seeks nominations for the Free Software Award
1998-08-13   The BSD License Problem
1998-09-04   XNotesPlus
1998-11-03   Which are the missing manuals?
1998-12-17   The X Windows Trap
1998-12-19   IBM wants to "clean up the license" of Linux  More

1999-02-12   Why Free Software is better than Open Source
1999-03-28   GNU/Linux
1999-05-25   Writing free documentation/GNOME books
1999-08-11   LinuxWorld 1999, Torvalds and Stallman  [YouTube]
1999-08-11   IDG/Linus Torvalds Community Award Presented to FSF

2000-01-18   The GNU Project
2000-06-09   Free software vs. open source
2000-07-30   The Motif License
2000-11-30   Linux and the GNU Project

2001-02-01   Richard Stallman, GNU, Linux, and Support  [YouTube]
2001-02-01   Michael Tiemann, free software and Communism  [YouTube]
2001-06-30   A revolutionary pursuit: freedom from Microsoft

2002-04-11   Microsoft Attacks Free Software Developers with New License
2002-05-08   The FSF's tactics cause it to miss the mark
2002-07-16   Linux, GNU, and freedom
2002-09-15   RMS: why open source needs Free Software's ideals
2002-10-17   Linus Torvalds' role as posterboy for our community  More
2002-10-20   Linux and the GNU Project  FAQ
2002-12-05   Introduction to Free Software, Free Society

2003-02-08   Lawrence Lessig Awarded the 2002 FSF Award

2006-05-23   Protesters provide a nasty "vista" for Gates  More  [YouTube]
2006-07-27   DRM "Misunderstood"
2006-10-03   "Day Against DRM"
2006-12-15   FSF launches campaign against Microsoft Windows Vista

2007-02-07   Why “Open Source” misses the point of Free Software
2007-03-01   FSF aims for partnership with hardware manufacturers
2007-03-26   Ted Ts'o wins the 2006 Award for the Advancement of Free Software
2007-05-14   Microsoft takes on the free world
2007-05-16   FSF campaigns team to coordinate free software activism in defense of computer user freedom
2007-05-16   'Play Ogg': FSF launches free audio format campaign
2007-06-28   iPhone restricts users
2007-08-14   Protesters call on the BBC to eliminate DRM from the “iPlayer”
2007-08-29   Coalition of environmental and social justice groups condemns Microsoft Vista
2007-09-12   Stallman: If you want freedom don't follow Linus Torvalds
2007-12-10   OpenBSD and Torvalds' version of Linux

2008-03-19   Harald Welte and Groklaw announced as winners of the FSF's annual free software awards
2008-07-31   FSF demonstrates iPhone's incompatibility with free software and GPLv3

2009-01-09   Work against Windows 7
2009-08-03   Coalition launches petition demanding that Amazon drop DRM from the Kindle
2009-08-26   FSF launches campaign against Windows 7  More
2009-12-24   Defining the contours of freedom  More

2010-01-27   iPad is iBad for freedom  More
2010-03-31   I'm rejecting your email attachment
2010-10-08   Windows Phone 7: the best choice for Patent Trolls

2011-10-06   Steve Jobs  More
2011-10-17   Computers becoming Windows-only
2011-11-27   Pre-Occupied  More

2012-06-30   Recommendations for free operating system distributions considering Secure Boot  [PDF]

2014-11-07   Software Freedom Conservancy, Free Software Foundation announce

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