Free Software - Eben Moglen

1979-xx-xx   Programmer/Analyst, IBM Corp., San Jose, CA - See document

1983-xx-xx   Associate Corporation Counsel, IBM Corp., Armonk, NY - See document

1984-xx-xx   Associate at Cravath Swaine & Moore, NY - See document

1985-xx-xx   Law Clerk, Judge E. Weinfeld, US District Court, Southern District, NY - See document

1986-xx-xx   Law Clerk, Justice T. Marshall, United States Supreme Court - See document

1987-xx-xx   Associate Professor of Law, Columbia Law School - See document

1991-09-15   Perl 4.x for MS-DOS - See document
1991-09-15   Format of Desqview Calendar Companian .DDF files - See document
1991-12-29   Archiver encryption security - See document
1991-12-30   C++ classes for perl translation - See document

1992-01-09   Problem using pipes with MS-DOS perl - See document
1992-02-14   Clarkson NCSA telnet + Desqview + token ring = crash - See document
1992-02-17   Borland's C++ v3.0 and Desqview - See document
1992-02-27   Borland's Reflex 2.0 and Desqview - See document
1992-03-04 wanted - See document
1992-04-05   Damn fool question re Camel Book - See document
1992-06-04   Perl 4 port for DJGPP? - See document

1993-02-22   DJGPP port for MSDOS; where are sources? - See document
1993-02-23   Sprint with Desqview/X; keyboard behavior problems - See document

1994-01-02   Datebook & Sprint problems with Desqview/X - See document
1994-01-02   Macro Quoting key changeable in Desqview/X? - See document

1995-01-05   Eben Moglen's Remarks - See document  [PDF]
1995-01-07   Conference Announcement - See document

1997-04-07   Eben Moglen
1997-06-15   talk and ytalk broken - See document

1998-01-28   Eben Moglen
1998-03-27   A statement on NPL/MPL/GPL licensing issues
1998-04-21   The Microbrain Launch - See document

1999-01-01   Major Court Decisions Will Shape the Internet in 1999 - See document
1999-05-17   Free Software and the Death of Copyright  [PDF]
1999-12-26   Microsoft can gain from freeing software

2000-02-13   Eben Moglen on DVD and Open Source
2000-04-23   When Code Isn't Law
2000-06-13   Linux, the DVD, and the Law
2000-07-08   Eben Moglen
2000-07-30   Microsoft, Antitrust, and the Movement
2000-08-25   Our New Frontiers
2000-10-09   The Patent Problem
2000-11-07   Property, 3s; Barbed Wire, 8s
2000-12-03   Free Software or Open Source?

2001-11-10   Freedom  [YouTube]

2003-06-25   FSF Statement on SCO v. IBM
2003-08-01   Questioning SCO: A Hard Look at Nebulous Claims  PDF  More
2003-08-18   FSF's Position regarding SCO's attacks on Free Software
2003-08-18   SCO Scuttles Sense, Claiming GPL Invalidity
2003-11-05   Free Software Foundation Subpoena  [PDF]  More
2003-11-13   SCO Targets Torvalds, Stallman
2003-11-24   SCO: Without Fear and Without Research
2003-12-12   Eben Moglen Interview  [WMA]  More

2004-01-20   The Free Software Foundation Presents “SCO Without Fear”
2004-02-10   SCO Sues Novell to Stay Afloat  [PDF]  More
2004-02-23   SCO and after SCO: The Legal Future of Free Software - Eben Moglen  [YouTube]
2004-05-09   Free Software as a Social Movement  [YouTube]

2005-02-01   Software Freedom Law Center founded to assist Open Source developers

2006-01-16   GPLv3 First Discussion Draft  More

2007-06-29   FSF releases the GNU General Public License, version 3 - See document  More  More
2007-10-29   Copyleft Capitalism: GPLv3 & Future of Software  [YouTube]

2009-12-14   Best Buy, Samsung, Westinghouse, Named In SFLC Lawsuit  More  [PDF]

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