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From: t...@mit-prep.ARPA (Leonard H. Tower Jr.)
Newsgroups: net.emacs,misc.test
Subject: Additions to GNU/FSF Services Directory
Message-ID: <136@mit-prep.ARPA>
Date: Fri, 24-Oct-86 17:34:45 EDT
Article-I.D.: mit-prep.136
Posted: Fri Oct 24 17:34:45 1986
Date-Received: Sat, 25-Oct-86 06:39:16 EDT
Reply-To: r...@mit-prep.uucp
Followup-To: net.emacs
Organization: Project GNU, Free Software Foundation, 1000 Mass. Ave.,
Cambridge, MA  02138, USA +1 (617) 876-3296
Lines: 86

Before Version 18 of GNU Emacs gets wide distribution, the Free
Software Foundation would again like to offer you an opportunity to be
listed in its service directory.  rms' original message describes the
directory and what one needs to do to be listed.  It is appended.

Please reply to him <..!mit-eddie!mit-prep!rms> a.k.a. <>.
From: (Richard M. Stallman)
Subject: Service Directory
Date: Mon, 20-Jan-86 14:15:37 EST

Are you interested in making money helping GNU Emacs users
or installations?

The Free Software Foundation would like to collect a service directory
of people interested in offering consulting or hand-holding services
to users of GNU systems (GNU Emacs, for now).

Service for Emacs could be anything from teaching people how to use
Emacs to writing custom libraries or documentation to porting Emacs to
anyone's favorite machine.

If you would like to be listed, send me a message
containing the listing you want.  It should describe

* your name
* your email address
* your snail address and phone number
* what GNU software you can provide service for
* what services you offer
* what you charge
* your experience, credentials, or whatever you
  want prospective customers to see.

in up to 20 lines of up to 75 characters.  The first few lines
should look like

   Rand M. Hacker  (berkeley!emerald!hack!random)
   Emacs and Bison; user handholding, troubleshooting.
   69 Upper Leg
   Emerald City, OZ  00000
   (211) 555-1717

I urge you to think a while about your listing before sending it,
and to check it carefully for grammar and spelling.  If the information
changes at some time in the future, send a corrected listing.

We'd like to minimize the time it takes to maintain the directory.
Please cooperate with this.  For example, don't ask to change your
listing more often than absolutely necessary.

In the future, you will probably be asked to sign an agreement
with the Foundation in order to become or remain listed.
This will probably involve promising to abide by the distribution
conditions of all GNU software, and promising never to impose
any conditions of secrecy as part of your GNU service business.
That is, you will have to leave your customers free to communicate
to others whatever information you have given them as part of
providing the service for them.

We have not yet worked out the details of this, so we are starting the
directory without it.  But people asking to be listed should agree
to those terms in spirit.

We reserve the right to refuse to list someone, and also to reformat
entries to fit a uniform aesthetic standard for the directory.  We
also reserve the right to change the policies for maintaining the

We don't accept responsibility for errors in the directory, though we
will try to keep it correct.  Since the listings will be essentially
whatever is sent to us, we won't be vouching for their correctness,
just passing them on.

If users send us comments on the quality of service they got from
someone, we may append them to the listing.

Len Tower
Project GNU of the Free Software Foundation

UUCP:       {}!mit-eddie!mit-prep!tower
ORGANIZATION: Project GNU, Free Software Foundation,
   1000 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, MA  02138, USA +1 (617) 876-3296
HOME: 36 Porter Street, Somerville, MA  02143, USA +1 (617) 623-7739

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