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From: to...@bu-cs.BU.EDU (Leonard H. Tower Jr.)
Subject: Tech writer wanted
Message-ID: <16827@bu-cs.BU.EDU>
Date: Wed, 2-Dec-87 13:02:39 EST
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Posted: Wed Dec  2 13:02:39 1987
Date-Received: Sat, 5-Dec-87 14:51:12 EST
Organization: Project GNU, Free Software Foundation, 675 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, 
MA  02138, USA   +1 (617) 876-3296
Lines: 10
Home: 36 Porter Street, Somerville, MA  02143, USA   +1 (617) 623-7739

FSF is looking to hire a full-time technical writer to write
documentation for the GNU project.  The writer has to be able to
understand what Unix utilities do and why, including utilities that
only programmers would use, which implies a knowledge of programming.

Please ask anyone who might be interested to get in touch with Richard
Stallman via email <> or to leave a message on the
Foundation's phone, (617) 876-3296.

enjoy -len