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From: to...@WHEATIES.AI.MIT.EDU (Leonard H. Tower Jr.)
Newsgroups: gnu.announce,gnu.chess,gnu.config,gnu.emacs,gnu.emacs.bug,gnu.g++,
Subject: wanted: people to offer support services for GNU software
Message-ID: <>
Date: 21 Feb 89 16:43:22 GMT
Followup-To: gnu.announce
Distribution: gnu
Organization: GNUs Not Usenet Posting Central
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We wish to update the GNU Service Directory before we release version
18.53 of GNU Emacs.  We would especially like to see people and
consultants add themselves who can provide installation, porting,
and/or support for the following:
	- VMS Gnu Emacs and VMS gcc
	- gcc and g++ on Unix
	- X Window System 

I have appended the header from the Directory, which you should read
before deciding to send in an entry.  You should review other people's
entries while composing your own. can send you a
copy of the file, if you don't have access to a GNU Emacs source tree.

thanx -len 
--- from etc/SERVICE in the GNU Emacs distribution: -----------------
GNU Service Directory

This is a list of people who have asked to be listed as offering
support services for GNU software, including GNU Emacs, for a fee
or in some cases at no charge.

The information comes from the people who asked to be listed;
we do not include any information we know to be false, but we
cannot check out any of the information; we are transmitting it to
you as it was given to us and do not promise it is correct.
Also, this is not an endorsement of the people listed here.
We have no opinions and usually no information about the abilities of
any specific person.  We provide this list to enable you to contact
service providers and decide for yourself whether to hire one.

Before FSF will list your name in the GNU Service Directory, we ask
that you agree informally to the following terms:

1. You will not restrict (except by copyleft) the use or distribution
of any software, documentation, or other information you supply anyone
in the course of modifying, extending, or supporting GNU software.
This includes any information specifically designed to ameliorate the
use of GNU software.

2. You will not take advantage of contact made through the Service
Directory to advertise an unrelated business (e.g., sales of
non-GNU-related proprietary information).  You may spontaneously
mention your availability for general consulting, but you should not
promote the unrelated business unless the client asks.
enjoy -len

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