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Path: utzoo!utgpu!!rutgers!!!!!AI.MIT.EDU!rms
From: r...@AI.MIT.EDU
Newsgroups: gnu.gcc
Subject: Jobs working on GNU
Message-ID: <>
Date: 12 Oct 89 17:10:40 GMT
Distribution: gnu
Organization: GNUs Not Usenet
Lines: 35

The Free Software Foundation would like to hire one or two programmers
and/or technical writers to work on parts of the GNU system.

We are looking for programmers who can write and maintain sizeable
programs essentially on their own.  Programmers who could get a job
with a lot higher pay elsewhere, but who would appreciate working for
public service and the absence of corporate micky-mouse.  Our pay is
low by programmers' standards, but people say that it is not low
enough to justify the term "activist wages" which I used to use.

We are also looking for technical writers who can write clear and
readable manuals for Unix programming tools, libraries, etc.

If you are interested in working as a programmer, please send
information about some programs you have written that other people
have used.  I would like to know what the programs do, how big they
are, whether you wrote them all by yourself or what parts you wrote
yourself, how many people used them, and whether you maintained them
and for how long.  Also send some samples of code you have written, to
show what your skills at coding and organizing programs.

If you are a technical writer, please send some manuals you have

Please don't send just an ordinary resume, because they don't
generally give a basis for judging someone's ability.

Please send this information to me, either by electronic mail to or by US Snail to:

    Richard Stallman
    545 Tech Sq rm 430
    Cambridge, MA 02139

Thank you.

Path: gmdzi!unido!mcsun!uunet!!mailrus!purdue!bu-cs!tower
From: to...@bu-cs.BU.EDU (Leonard H. Tower Jr.)
Subject: Work for GNU!
Summary: FSF is hiring programmers and technical writers.
Message-ID: <42616@bu-cs.BU.EDU>
Date: 15 Nov 89 03:20:04 GMT
Followup-To: gnu.announce
Organization: Project GNU, Free Software Foundation,
         675 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, MA  02139, USA   +1 (617) 876-3296
Lines: 30
Posted: Wed Nov 15 04:20:04 1989

  [Please repost this in any other lists, local or netwide, where
   it would be relevant and helpful.


The Free Software Foundation is a tax-exempt charity for developing
and distributing free software: in particular, the free
Unix-compatible operating system called GNU (GNU's Not Unix).  Our GNU
Emacs editor, GNU C compiler, GDB debugger and Bourne Again Shell are
widely used and appreciated.

We are looking to hire a few good programmers and technical writers.
Programmers who can write compiler front ends, file systems, and such.
Writers who can document programming tools such as lex or the C
library, or write good introductions telling beginners how to list
their files.

We pay enough to live on without hardship, but not what companies pay.
So if you want to get rich and buy a house, or collect cars, we are
not for you.

On the other hand, if you like to do good work with smart people,
without deadlines and corporate nonsense, and would be glad to say,
"Everyone come and get it!" when the job is done, then you might want
to work for the Foundation.

If you are interested, send electronic mail to or phone
Richard Stallman at (617) 253-8830 (afternoon or evening).

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