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From: tiem...@SUN.COM (Michael Tiemann)
Newsgroups: gnu.g++
Subject: GNU C++ and libg++ 1.37.0 are available!
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Date: 1 Mar 90 08:30:57 GMT
Distribution: gnu
Organization: GNUs Not Usenet
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Posted: Thu Mar  1 09:30:57 1990

GNU C++ and libg++ versions 1.37.0 are now available by anonymous ftp
from and  On both machines, the
files are in


The GNU C++ compiler must be linked against GNU C 1.37 sources.
For installation information, see the GNU C++ README file for general
information, and the HINTS file for machine-specific tips.

This software is now available with a new feature: commercial support.
Cygnus Support provides commercial support for GNU C++ (and a number
of other GNU programs) on a fixed-fee basis.  If you want support, or
have support-related questions, please contact:

	Cygnus Support
	814 University Avenue
	Palo Alto, CA

	Phone: (415) 322-3811
	email: cygint!