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Subject: USENIX C++ Conference BOF
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Date: 6 Apr 90 02:50:19 GMT
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Organization: Cygnus Support, Palo Alto CA; Phone +1 415 322 3811
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Posted: Fri Apr  6 03:50:19 1990

If it's 9 April 1990, then there must be a USENIX C++ conference
happening in San Francisco!  To make this conference special, we are
holding the first-ever GNU C++ BOF on Monday evening at 8pm.

We will be offering two hours of free discussion about free software.
Free C++ compilers and free C++ class libraries will be available to
anybody who brings media: 1/4" Sun cartridge tape and Sun SparcStation
3.25" disks will be made during the BOF by Cygnus Support.

I hope to see lots of people there!