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From: gu...@Cygnus.COM (David Vinayak Wallace)
Newsgroups: gnu.misc.discuss
Subject: Sell GNU Software Support for Cygnus Support
Message-ID: <GUMBY.90Jun5193401@Cygnus.COM>
Date: 6 Jun 90 02:34:01 GMT
Sender: n...@Neon.Stanford.EDU (USENET News System)
Organization: Cygnus Support
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Posted: Wed Jun  6 03:34:01 1990

[Tower suggested I also send this ad here, since there may be people
 interested in working for a company which works only on free
 software and who don't read]

Cygnus Support is looking for a sales person to sell our commercial
support for free software.  Responsibilities would include making
initial customer contact, writing proposals and contracts, closing
existing prospects, locating new prospects, and guiding the technical
staff to produce what will sell.  The job includes both "sales" and
"marketing" roles and includes nationwide travel as needed.

Cygnus Support is a startup, founded in 1989 to provide commercial
support for free software.  We support GNU and other software.  Our
primary business is end-user support (stable releases, bug fixes,
documentation, and phone support).  We also port existing code, extend
it to fit customer requirements, and implement new GNU tools.  All our
work is free software and receives wide distribution and use
throughout the computer industry.  We make money by providing stable
and reliable versions of these free tools, customized to fit each
customer's particular needs.  In turn, customers can base major
projects on the latest, most powerful tools, improving the
time-to-market and capabilities of their products.

Our principals are Michael Tiemann and John Gilmore of Sun, and David
Wallace of MCC.  We created much of the free software which we are now
supporting.  Michael has been making money from free software for
years; we started the company to do this on a large scale.

Without sales experience, Cygnus has won and continues to win major
contracts with leading companies and research labs.  With your help we
will grow even faster.  We are solvent and have no long-term debt.
Substantial founders' equity and aggressive commissions are still
available.  We have made initial contact with dozens of prospects, and
have leads for many more.  The free software that we support is used
worldwide and enjoys a reputation for excellence.

We merge the quick evolution of free software, the improvements needed
to use it in the customer environment, and the stability of our
commercial-quality release process.  Companies who use our services
gain substantial leverage.  If you can communicate this to prospects
and turn them into customers, you're our man or woman.

Please send your resume to:

    Cygnus Support
    814 University Ave
    Palo Alto, CA 94301
    Tel: +1 415 322 3811
    ATTN: David Wallace

    Or send ASCII or PostScript to:

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