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From: (Richard Stallman)
Newsgroups: comp.os.minix
Subject: GNU and Minix
Message-ID: <>
Date: 17 Oct 90 03:55:29 GMT
Lines: 17
Posted: Wed Oct 17 04:55:29 1990

It isn't possible for the GNU project to use Minix, for two reasons.

* We want a kernel with the power of BSD, and Minix doesn't attempt
to be that.

* The distribution terms of Minix don't permit some of the things we
want to see happen with the GNU system.  For example, we want computer
manufacturers to be permitted to distribute the entire GNU system.
And even to charge money for doing so (as long as recipients get the
right to redistribute).  This is not allowed for Minix.
So the GNU project and Minix cannot be combined.

It may nonetheless be possible for Minix users to adapt various pieces
of GNU software for use on Minix.  Feel free to do this, but the FSF
probably hasn't the manpower to support it.  We have to conserve our
resources for projects that will improve and finish the GNU system.

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