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From: (Rodney J. Hoffman)
Subject: CFP Follow-up
Message-ID: <>
Date: 11 Apr 91 14:50:06 GMT
Organization: Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA  90041
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More on Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility's
recent conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy:

PUBLICITY:  The conference, especially the keynote by Laurence Tribe, has
received quite a bit of press.	LATimes (March 27), NYTimes (March 31),
in Time magazine (already noted here), and in ComputerWorld (p. 99).  A
lengthy report on the entire conference is in RISKS 11.39.

PROCEEDINGS:  Conference chair Jim Warren reports that a 170-200 page edited
comprehensive Proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag, and should be
available around September, 1991.  In addition, about 20 of the 80+ speakers
submitted papers early enough to be printed in the conference program booklet,
and limited quantities are available (136 pages, $15).	Within a few weeks,
audio- and video-tapes should also be available.  (For more information on any
of these, write CFP Proceedings, 345 Swett Road, Woodside CA 94062.)

SEQUEL:  CFP-2 will be in Spring 1992 in Washington, DC.  CPSR/DC activist
Lance Hoffman of George Washington University (no relation to me!) will be
general chair.

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		       SCO Files Lawsuit Against IBM

March 7, 2003 - The SCO Group filed legal action against IBM in the State 
Court of Utah for trade secrets misappropriation, tortious interference, 
unfair competition and breach of contract. The complaint alleges that IBM 
made concentrated efforts to improperly destroy the economic value of 
UNIX, particularly UNIX on Intel, to benefit IBM's Linux services 
business. See SCO vs IBM.

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