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From: (Rodney J. Hoffman)
Subject: CFP Follow-up
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Date: 11 Apr 91 14:50:06 GMT
Organization: Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA  90041
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More on Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility's
recent conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy:

PUBLICITY:  The conference, especially the keynote by Laurence Tribe, has
received quite a bit of press.	LATimes (March 27), NYTimes (March 31),
in Time magazine (already noted here), and in ComputerWorld (p. 99).  A
lengthy report on the entire conference is in RISKS 11.39.

PROCEEDINGS:  Conference chair Jim Warren reports that a 170-200 page edited
comprehensive Proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag, and should be
available around September, 1991.  In addition, about 20 of the 80+ speakers
submitted papers early enough to be printed in the conference program booklet,
and limited quantities are available (136 pages, $15).	Within a few weeks,
audio- and video-tapes should also be available.  (For more information on any
of these, write CFP Proceedings, 345 Swett Road, Woodside CA 94062.)

SEQUEL:  CFP-2 will be in Spring 1992 in Washington, DC.  CPSR/DC activist
Lance Hoffman of George Washington University (no relation to me!) will be
general chair.