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From: (Rodney J. Hoffman)
Subject: CFP conference proceedings
Message-ID: <>
Date: 9 May 91 18:24:29 GMT
Organization: Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA  90041
Lines: 95


Date:  4 May 91 09:22:55 PDT (Saturday)
From:	well! (Jim Warren)

  Concerning the First Conference on Computers, Freedom & Privacy:

  About 20 of the 80+ speakers submitted papers prior to the First
Conference on Computers, Freedom & Privacy -- of *widely* varying style and
content.  These were published in a booklet that included the Program and a
7-page Glossary.  Limited quantities remaining available.
  A Roster of Attendees plus two significant, late-arriving papers
(Rotenberg, Ingraham), was published.  a *few* remain available.
While they last, they are available to U.S. addressees for a handling charge
that includes First Class U.S. Postage prepaid:
  Program + Submitted Papers + Glossary (136 pages) --------- $15
  Roster of Attendees, published March 26th (36 pages) ------ $ 5

  We expect a 170-200 page edited comprehensive Proceedings of the
Conference Sessions will be published and available around September, 1991;
price and ordering details still being worked out, but we expect Springer-
Verlag will be the publisher.

  Audio-tapes of the First Conference on Computers, Freedom & Privacy
Tue-Thu Conference sessions are now available.	They may be ordered from:
    Recording, Etc./Soper  (415)327-9344
    633 Cowper Street	   (800)227-9980 for calls from beyond California]
    Palo Alto CA 94301	   (415)321-9261 by fax

    1.	Constitution in the Information Age
	  Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law School Professor; J.Warren/Chair
   Tuesday, March 26th:
    2.	Trends in Computers & Networks
	  D.Chaum, P.Denning, D.Farber, M.Hellman, P.Neumann, J.Quarterman;
    3.	International Perspectives & Impacts
	  D.Flaherty, R.Plesser, T.Riley, R.Veeder; R.Plesser/Chair
    4.	Personal Information & Privacy - I
	  J.Baker, J.Goldman, M.Rotenberg, A.Westin; L.Hoffman/Chair
    5.	Personal Information & Privacy - II
	  S.Davies, E.Hendricks, T.Mandel, W.Ware; L.Hoffman/Chair
    6.	Network Environments of the Future
	  Eli Noam, Columbia University Professor; M.Rotenberg/Chair
   Wednesday, March 27th:
    7.	Law Enforcement Practices & Problems
	  D.Boll, D.Delaney, D.Ingraham, R.Snyder; G.Tenney/Chair
    8.	Law Enforcement & Civil Liberties
	  S.Beckman, C.Figallo, M.Gibbons, M.Kapor, M.Rasch,
	  K.Rosenblatt, S.Zenner; D.Denning/Chair
    9.	Legislation & Regulation
	  J.Berman, P.Bernstein, B.Julian, S.McLellan,
	  E.Maxwell, C.Schriffries; B.Jacobson/Chair
   10.	Computer-Based Surveillance of Individuals
	  D.Flaherty, J.Krug, D.Marx, K.Nussbaum; S.Nycum/Chair
   11.	Security Capabilities, Privacy & Integrity
	  William Bayse, FBI Asst.Director; D.Denning/Chair
   Thursday, March 28th:
   12.	Electronic Speech, Press & Assembly
	  D.Hughes, E.Lieberman, J.McMullen, G.Perry, J.Rickard,
	  L.Rose; E.Lieberman/Chair
   13.	Access to Government Information
	  D.Burnham, H.Hammitt, K.Mawdsley, R.Veeder; H.Hammitt/Chair
   14.	Ethics & Education
	  S.Bowman, J.Budd, D.Denning, J.Gilmore, R.Hollinger,
	  D.Parker; T.Winograd/Chair
   15.	Where Do We Go From Here?
	  P.Bernstein, M.Culnan, D.Hughes, D.Ingraham, M.Kapor,
	  E.Lieberman, D.Parker, C.Schiffires, R.Veeder, J.Warren/Chair

PRICES & SHIPPING		in United States:   to Canada:	other intUl:
any one audio-tape ( 1 tape )	$14.95 +sales tax*  +$2.50 US	+$ 5.00 US
five-tape tape-set ( 5 tapes)	$34.95 +sales tax*  +$5.00 US	+$10.00 US
  Set A:  tapes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6(Noam)
  Set B:  tapes 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11(Bayse)
  Set C:  tapes 12, 13, 14, 15 and 1(Tribe)
full-Conference set (15 tapes)	$59.95 +sales tax*  +$7.50 US	+$20.00 US
* - include 6.5% for sales tax to Cal.addresses; prices include U.S. shipping
Make checks to *Recording, Etc.*; MasterCharge, Visa & American Express OK.

  The Conference sessions were also video-taped; availability and price
to be determined shortly.  We believe they will be available within a
few weeks or a month.
--Jim Warren, Conference Chair
CFP Office, 345 Swett Road, Woodside CA 94062

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