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From: (Kelly Goen)
Newsgroups: alt.privacy
Subject: Pretty Good Privacy
Message-ID: <>
Date: 7 Jun 91 19:09:02 GMT
References: <1991May24.085802.35@Veritas.COM> 
Organization: Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link, Sausalito, CA
Lines: 32


At a time when the Government seems bent on keeping the public from 
having access to electronic privacy technology, there is now a
freeware MSDOS software application that protects E-mail and files
via public key cryptography.  Philip Zimmermann's program, PGP
(Pretty Good Privacy), provides privacy and authentication without
the hassles of managing keys associated with conventional
cryptographic software.  No secure channels are needed for users to
exchange keys.  PGP combines the convenience of RSA public key
cryptography with the speed of conventional cryptography, fast
message digests for signatures, data compression, and sophisticated
key management.  And PGP performs the RSA functions relatively fast. 
PGP is RSA public key cryptography for the masses.

PGP version 1.0 is now available through electronic distribution for
MSDOS in the compressed archive file PGP10.ZIP, containing the
executable binary and user documentation.  This release file can be
found on BIX, Compuserve, FidoNet, in and
alt.sources on Internet, the WELL, PeaceNet, EcoNet, EXEC-PC, and
many other BBS systems.  A separate file, PGP10SRC.ZIP, contains all
the C source code and can be found on most of these same networks. 

  "Phil Zimmermann has made a real contribution to communications
   privacy.  `Pretty Good Privacy' is a damn good idea."
   --Marc Rotenberg,
   Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, Washington DC


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