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From: youn...@V6550C.NRL.NAVY.MIL (Eric Youngdale)
Newsgroups: gnu.utils.bug
Subject: COFF for gas
Message-ID: <>
Date: 17 Jun 91 17:55:24 GMT
Distribution: gnu
Organization: GNUs Not Usenet
Lines: 24

	I am the proud owner of a Fortran compiler which generates COFF style
debugging records.  The problem is that the system is a SVr4, and the native
assembler only understands ELF.  Thus I need an assembler for a i386 which
deals in COFF both at the front and the back end (SVr4 has a utility to
convert COFF object files to ELF).

	I was wondering if anyone had patches for GAS which would make gas
understand the COFF style source debugging records instead of/in addition to
the stabs type of source debugging records.  (I would also add the patches to
make GAS write a COFF object file).

	If anyone has other suggestions as to how I can solve this problem, I
would be interested in hearing them.

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