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Xref: sci.crypt:9423
Newsgroups: sci.crypt,
From: (Colin Plumb)
Subject: Glitches in PGP 2.3
Message-ID: <>
Date: 21 Jun 93 04:50:34 GMT
Lines: 19

One annoying thing about the PGP 2.3 release is that the VMS build
instructions didn't get updated, which means that the file rsaglue.c
(new for 2.3) isn't included.  We're making a VMS supplement.

A more important thing is that PGP 2.3 seems to have trouble reading
clear-signed messages when the lines are terminated with something
besides line feeds.  An extra 0x80 character gets appended to the message,
and the signature check fails.

This has not been tracked down as of the time of posting, but it does not
appear to affect the validity of PGP 2.3-generated clear-signed messages,
or PGP's ability to read other forms of ASCII armoring.  It just means that
PGP won't decode them properly.  Sorry that didn't get tested, folks.
"But nothing changed in that code!" is the excuse.

(And yes, this has prompted the idea of regression-test facilities so
that testing doesn't have to be done by hand.)


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