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From: (Paul Ferguson)
Subject: Coming soon: Commercial version of PGP (fwd)
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Organization: Sytex Communications, Inc
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1993 10:52:37 GMT
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> Subject: Coming Soon:  Commercial version of PGP!
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 93 2:53:08 MDT
From: Philip Zimmermann <uunet!columbine.cgd.ucar.EDU!prz>
Coming Soon:  Commercial Version of PGP!
Philip Zimmermann has signed an agreement with ViaCrypt, a division
of Lemcom Systems, Inc, to sell a commercial version of PGP.  ViaCrypt
is a company in Phoenix Arizona that already has an RSA license from 
Public Key Partners to sell products that use the RSA algorithm.
The freeware version of PGP will still be available, and will be
maintained as well as the commercial version.  Most corporations
were not willing to use PGP because it was not licensed by PKP
or RSA Data Security.  With this commercial version of PGP, it will be
possible for PGP to enter commercial environments for the first time,
and compete with other products such as PEM.  This is expected to 
enhance PGP's viability as a de facto standard in the long run.
ViaCrypt PGP will be available in the USA and Canada, for an introductory
price of $100 for a single user, with quantity discounts available.
For details, call ViaCrypt at (602) 944-0773, or contact Philip 
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