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From: (Kelly Goen)
Date: 17 Sep 93 00:34:11 -0700
Message-ID: <>
Organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 241-9760 guest)
Newsgroups: alt.wired,comp.lang.c,alt.activism,,alt.censorship
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Subject: (fwd) Subpoena served on Crypto
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Newsgroups: alt.wired,comp.lang.c,alt.activism,,alt.censorship
From: (Grady Ward)
Subject: Subpoena served on Crypto
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Moby lexicons
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Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1993 06:59:50 GMT
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Subpoena served on Austin Code Works for
material related to Moby Crypto.
At 10:30 PM EDT  Thursday, 16 Sept 1993 Theodore R. Siggins,
special agent for the Department of Treasury, U.S.
Customs Service office of enforcement for
Austin, TX (512) 482-5502 served the following
United States District Court
Northern District of California
Custodian of Records
Austin Code Works
11100 Leafwood Lane
Austin, TX
(512) 258-0785
documents of object(s)
U.S. Courthouse & Federal Building
280 South First Street
San Jose, CA  95113
Grand Jury Room 2115
September 22, 1993  9:00 AM
YOU ARE ALSO COMMANDED to bring with you
Any and all correspondence, contracts, payments, and record,
including those stored as computer data, relating to the
international distribution of the commercial product "Moby
Crypto" and any other commercial product related to PGP and RSA
Source Code for the time period June 1, 1991 to the present.
by deputy  clerk (illegible)
This subpoena is issued on application of the United States of America
Michael J. Yamaguchi
United States Attorney
Assistant U.S. Attorney
William P. Keane
280 S. First St., Suite 371
San Jose, CA  95113
(408) 291-7221
s/a Robin Sterzer, Customs
93-1348(SJ) 93-1(SJ)
9 September 1993
served by
Theodore R. Siggins
special agent
Department of Treasury
U.S. Customs Service
Office of Enforcement
P.O. Box 99
Austin, TX 78767
(FTS) 770-5502
(512) 482-5502
--------------------------- BACKGROUND ----------------------------
The day before yesterday I faxed the following to the NSA:
Grady Ward
3449 Martha Ct.
Arcata, CA  95521
(707) 826-7715
Charlotte Knepper
National Security Agency
301 688 7834
FAX 301 688 8183
									14 Sep 93
Re:  Moby Crypto and the Austin Code Works
Recently you phoned Maria Guthery at the Austin Code Works (512-258-0785)
to voice your concern about the publication for export
of my product 'Moby Crypto'.
As the editor and author of the compilation I made sure not to include
any executable code -- only the algorithmic description in C source code
that can be found (and exported) from scores of books and journals from
the US distributed throughout the world.
I believe that this material qualifies for the 'public domain' technical
documentation exception under the current DTR rules.
It seems to me that proscribing the publication of material because it is
conveyed on a magnetic media rather than paper pulp is an NSA initiative
that is both destructive to our basic freedom of expression and to the
trade renaissance that Vice President Al Gore and the Clinton Administration
are trying to foster.
Even the Supreme Court recognizes the role of the computer media in
protecting our freedom; beginning this 1993 calendar year all decisions
will be provided in electronic form. Further, as you may know, it was
recently decided that White House records in electronic form must be
protected as a permanent archive of our government.  Clearly, magnetic
media must be treated as a logical extension of the power and fundamental
right of the print media.
Please phone, fax, e-mail or post your ideas or any literature to me that
you think useful if I have misapprehended the situation.
Of course if you wish I will send you a gratis copy of the software
(about nine megabytes of sources for DES, RSA, IDEA, Lucifer, PGP, SHA,
and so on) for your advice and comments.
Very truly yours,
--------------------- WHAT YOU SHOULD DO ---------------------
NSA and the US Treasury has started a new, agressive campaign to
prevent the spread of cryptographic ideas, algorithms, sources,
and documentation.  The subpoena was served on the ACW in the night
because they MIGHT have sold a copy of source code, already available
worlwide, to a foreign national.
If you value the freedom to disseminate ideas on both paper and magentic
and electronic media, you should immediately preserve your right to
have such knowledge by obtaining a copy of the source to Pretty Good Privacy
and all other cryptographic materials before a possible complete blackout
of such material is attempted by the US authorities.
It is not yet against the law to possess source code to PGP, the world's
foremost encryption application in the United States.  Source is available
for a variety of platforms including MS-DOS, Unix, and Macintosh from
the following sites:
and many other sites
For more information about PGP,
send a blank mail message to:

Grady Ward                               
3449 Martha Ct.                           compiler of Moby lexicons
Arcata, CA  95521-4884            e-mail or finger
(707) 826-7715  (voice/24hr FAX)               for more information

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