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From: (Chris Hofstader)
Newsgroups: gnu.announce
Subject: Your Opinion on Software Patents
Date: 1 Feb 1994 02:23:48 -0500
Organization: GNUs Not Usenet
Lines: 89
Distribution: gnu
Message-ID: <>


The Patent Office has issued a request for public comments on the
subject of software patents.

The League for Programming Freedom urges all parties interested in
this subject - irrespective of viewpoint - to express their opinions
to the patent office.

The League has established an email address and the following template
to make it easy for you to do this; simply reply to this message.

                                           Chris Hofstader
                                           Director LPF


To be Filed out by Companies Only

Name of Company     :                       Contact Person :
Annual Revenue      :                       Email          :
Number of Employees :                       Phone          :

To be Filed out by Individuals Only

Name     :                                  Email :
Title    :                                  Phone :
Employer :

Companies and Individuals

This template has been provided to assist you express your opinions.
It is not intended to constitute a survey.  Feel free to constructively
express your opinions in whatever way seems most appropriate.

Check all that apply:

    __  Consider software patents harmful to your company's interests.

    __  Consider software patents harmful to the software industry.

    __  Consider software patents harmful to the public interest.

    __  Favor making software non-patentable.

    __  Desire specific improvements in patent office procedures.

        State: __________________________________________________


    __  Support a higher standard of novelty for software than that
        applied to other industries.

    __  Support significantly reducing the term for software patents to:

            __ 1 year     __ 2 years    __ 3 years
            __ 4 years    __ 5 years    __ other :

Additional comments:









Mail this message to

[The League undertakes to relay all input it receives to the patent
office.  If you prefer you may choose to send mail directly to
the patent office by using the address
instead of]

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