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GNU Service Directory

This is a list of people who have asked to be listed as offering
support services for GNU software, including GNU Emacs, for a fee
or in some cases at no charge.

The information comes from the people who asked to be listed;
we do not include any information we know to be false, but we
cannot check out any of the information; we are transmitting it to
you as it was given to us and do not promise it is correct.
Also, this is not an endorsement of the people listed here.
We have no opinions and usually no information about the abilities of
any specific person.  We provide this list to enable you to contact
service providers and decide for yourself whether to hire one.

Before FSF will list your name in the GNU Service Directory, we ask
that you agree informally to the following terms:

1. You will not restrict (except by copyleft) the use or distribution
of any software, documentation, or other information you supply anyone
in the course of modifying, extending, or supporting GNU software.
This includes any information specifically designed to ameliorate the
use of GNU software.

2. You will not take advantage of contact made through the Service
Directory to advertise an unrelated business (e.g., sales of
non-GNU-related proprietary information).  You may spontaneously
mention your availability for general consulting, but you should not
promote a specific unrelated business unless the client asks.

Please include some indication of your rates, because otherwise users
have nothing to go by.	Please put each e-mail address inside "<>".
Please put nothing else inside "<>".  Thanks!

For a current copy of this directory, or to have yourself listed, ask:

** Please keep the entries in this file alphabetical **

Joseph Arceneaux	<jla@ai.mit.edu>
PO Box 460633
San Francisco, CA  94146-0633
+1 415 285 9088

Former FSF staffmember.	 Performed X11 implementation of Emacs version
19 and worked on WYSIWYG Emacs.	 Installed and administered FSF
network.  Maintainer of GNU indent.  Over 10 years experience with Unix
systems, from writing ROM monitors to UI design and system administration.

I provide installation, porting, debugging and customization or
development of GNU and other Unix software.  I also design and
implement free software projects and consult on software engineering
and systems design.  Handholding and  teaching services are also
available as well as things like LAN and compute--infrastructure design.

Rates are upwards of $70 USD per hour, depending upon the particular
job.  I am also very interested in fixed-bid jobs.  For selected
non-profit organizations with worthy goals, I work for free.

Updated: 5Apr94

Gerd Aschemann		<ascheman@isa.informatik.th-darmstadt.de>
Herderstr. 15
D-64285 Darmstadt
Tel.: +49 6151 62568

- System Administrator (UNIX) of Operating Systems Research Group,
  CS Department, TU Darmstadt, Germany
- Consultant for other UNIX users at TU Darmstadt
- 14 years experience with CS, Systemadministration
-  7 years with UNIX/Networking/FreeWare/GNU/X11
-  5 years organizer of practical OS courses 
- Platforms: SunOS, HP-UX, Ultrix, OSF1, Linux, AIX, Solaris
- Experience with parallel environments (Transputers: Meiko, Parix)

Rates are at 100,-- DM (~60 US$) per hour minimum, depending on the job.
I am willing to travel for sufficiently large jobs.

Entered: 10Jun94

Giuseppe Attardi	<attardi@di.unipi.it>
Dipartimento di Informatica
Corso Italia 40
I-56125 Pisa, Italy
+39 50 887-244

GNU: help on obtaininig GNU, for italian sites.

Updated: 5Apr94

James Craig Burley
4 Mountain Gate Rd.
Ashland, MA 01721-2326
508 881-6087, -4745
Email: <burley@gnu.ai.mit.edu> --preferred--

    Compiler Internals (author of GNU Fortran, for example)
    Operating Systems Internals (lately Linux on the ix86)
    Tools/Utilities Development and Maintenance
    Microcode Development and Maintenance (primarily VLIW machines)
    System Design (computers, operating systems, toolsets, &c)
    Debugging (often asked to help debug Other People's Code)
    Documentation (authored many books and ran a few doc projects)
    Extensive experience with a variety of operating systems, hardware,
	languages, and so on

Rate: $75/hour, though somewhat volatile due to commitments regarding
	GNU Fortran -- willing to consider flat-fee arrangements

Entered: 5Apr94

Michael I. Bushnell		<mib@gnu.ai.mit.edu>
545 Technology Square, NE43-426
Cambridge, MA  02139
(617) 253-8568

All GNU software: Installation, customization, answering simple or
		  complex questions, bug fixing, extension.

Experience:  I have done Unix and GNU programming for several years,
	     I am the primary author of the Hurd (which provides most
	     kernel related facilities for the GNU OS).

I am easily available in the Cambridge/Boston area; work via email.
I am willing to travel for sufficiently large jobs.

Rates: $100/hr, negotiable, less for non-profit organizaions.

Updated: 5Apr94

C2V			Renaud Dumeur <renaud@ccv.fr>
82 bd Haussmann		Michel Delval <mfd@ccv.fr>
75009 Paris		Jean-Alain Le Borgne <jalb@ccv.fr>
Tel (1)
Fax (1)

We offer source or source+binary distribution, installation, training,
maintenance, technical support, consulting, specific development and
followup on the GNU software development environment: Emacs, gcc/g++,
binutils, gas, gdb.

Experience: adapted gcc, gas and binutils to work as cross-development
tools for the Thomson st18950 DSP chip: GCC parser and typing system
have been augmented to allow the manipulation of variables located in
separated memory spaces. Porting on new platforms, and professionally
developing software with the GNU tools in the Unix/X11 environment
since they were first available.

Rates: from 2000 FF/day to 150 000 FF/year, 40% discount for
educational institutions, add taxes and expenses.  Ask for list.

Entered: 5May94
Contributed Software
Graefestr. 76
10967 Berlin, Germany
phone:	  (+49 30) 694 69 07
FAX:	  (+49 30) 694 68 09
modems:	  (+49 30) 694 60 55 (5xZyXEL )
modems:	  (+49 30) 693 40 51 (8xUSR DS)
email:	  <info@contrib.de>
internet: uropax.contrib.de [], login as 'guest'.

We distribute, install, port, teach and support free software
in general, i.e. X11, GNU, khoros etc. Rates are ECU 80,-- plus
tax per hour. We offer maintenance and support contracts for full
customer satisfaction.
Highlights are transparent development environments for multi-platform
sites and configuration management.  Traveling is no problem.

Free Archive login for downloading on above modem numbers.

Updated: 5Apr94

Stuart Cracraft		<cracraft@ai.mit.edu>
25682 Cresta Loma
Laguna Niguel, Ca.
GNUline: 714-347-8106
Rate: $75/hour
Consultation topics:
  Entire GNU suite - porting, compilation, installation,
  user-training, administrator-training
Method: telephone line support, call-in via modem to your site,
or direct visit.

Experience: supporting GNU since the mid-1980's, coordinator
of GNU Chess (original author), GNU Shogi, GNU Go. Ported GNU Emacs
to Solaris (System V Release 4). Expertise in C, Emacs Lisp, and Perl.
Customized programming also available.

Entered: 5Apr94

Cygnus Support			<info@cygnus.com>
1937 Landings Drive		...uunet!cygint!info
Mountain View, CA 94043 USA
+1 415 903 1400 voice
+1 415 903 0122 fax

Cygnus Support
1 Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02139
+1 617 494 1040 voice
+1 617 494 1325 fax

Cygnus Support continues to provide supported, maintained versions of
the GNU toolset including GCC, G++, the GNU debugger with graphical
user interface, GNU linker and GNU macro-assembler. In keeping with
the rapidly advancing needs of software developers, Cygnus maintains a
90 day release cycle of the GNU toolset. Each release is regression
tested and includes substantial improvements and additions to the
existing matrix of over 65 supported platform configurations.

Updated: 10Oct94

Jose A. Fernandez <jaf@inference.com>

WORK:	Inference Corporation	      HOME:
	550 N. Continental Blvd.	1025 Hillside Dr.
	El Segundo, CA 90245		Chino Hills, CA 91709
	(310) 322-0200	x205		(714) 528-2523

   Variable, depending on work to be done.

    GNU software: installation, troubleshooting, and instruction.
    X11 software: installation and troubleshooting.

Entered: 14Apr94

Free Software Association of Germany
Michaela Merz
Heimatring 19
6000 Frankfurt/Main 70
phone:	  (+49 69) 6312083)
ert  :	  (+49-172-6987246)
email:	  (info@elara.fsag.de)

Supporting all kinds of freeware (i.e. GNU), freeware development, consulting,
training, installation.	 Special LINUX support group.


Companies and for profit
organizations		   :  100 US$ / hour
Private and not-for-profit
organizations		   :   40 US$ / hour
ert (24h Emergency
response team)		   :  300 US$ / hour

Entered: 14Apr94

Noah Friedman		   <friedman@prep.ai.mit.edu>
Building 600, Suite 214
One Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA  02139
+1 617 876 3296

Co-maintainer of GNU texinfo and GNU autoconf.	Author of several
Emacs Lisp packages and parts of Emacs 19, as well as numerous
utilities written in shell script and perl.  System administrator for
a small network of heterogenous machines.  FSF employee spring 1991 to
the present.

Installation, porting, and enhancement of all GNU software and other free
software; "auto-configuration" a specialty.   System administration
for most unix-like systems.  Willing to teach shell programming and
Emacs Lisp.

Fees negotiable.  I can work in the Boston area or anywhere on the
Internet.  For larger jobs I may be willing to travel.

Updated: 5Apr94

Ron Guilmette	<rfg@segfault.us.com>
396 Ano Nuevo Ave. #216
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Services:	Development & porting of GNU software development tools.

GNU Contributions:
		Invented, designed, and implemented the protoize and
		unprotoize tools supplied with GCC2.

		Designed and developed all code to support the generation
		of Dwarf symbolic debugging information for System V Release
		4 in GCC2.

		Performed original port of GNU compilers to SVr4 system.

		Finished port of GNU compilers to Intel i860 RISC

Experience:	11+ years UNIX systems experience, all working on compilers
		and related tools.

		5+ years working professionally on GCC, G++, and GDB under
		contract to various firms including the Microelectronics
		and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC), Data General (DG),
		Network Computing Devices (NCD), and Intel Corp.

Other qualifications:
		Developer of the RoadTest (tm) C and C++ commercial
		compiler test suites.

		Former vice-chairman of UNIX International Programming
		Languages Special Interest Group (UI/PLSIG).

		Bachelor's and a Master's degree, both in
		Computer Science.

Rates:		Variable depending upon contract duration.  Call for quote.

Updated: 13Apr94

Hundred Acre Consulting		<info@pooh.com>
1155 W Fourth St Ste 225
PO Box 6209
Reno NV 89513-6209
Hundred Acre is a consulting group providing support and development
services to organizations of all sizes.	 We support GNU C++ and C in
particular, but also provide support for all other GNU software and
certain non-GNU public domain software as well.	 We work on a "service
contract" basis for support -- for a yearly fee, we provide multiple
levels of email and toll free telephone support, and free updates and
bug fixes. The highersupport levels have on-site support.  Development
is charged on either an hourly or fixed bid basis.

Consulting rates: $70 to $90 per hour, or fixed bid.
Support contracts:  Several levels, from $495 to $90000 per year.

Updated: 27Dec94

Scott D. Kalter			<sdk@mithril.com>
2032 Corral Canyon
Malibu, CA 90265-9503
Home: (310) 456-0254

Emacs:	Eoops, Elisp, and C level customization/extension training for
	general use and customization user support, installation, and

Rates:	$50/hr
	May answer brief and interesting questions for free.
	Prefer e-mail communication to telephone.

Qualifications: BS Math/CS 1985: Carnegie Mellon University
		MS CS 1988: UCLA

	Very familiar with all levels of elisp programming.  Taught
	Emacs use and customization in universities and industry.  Extensive
	troubleshooting and user support experience.  Co-developed an
	object-oriented extension to Elisp that can be used for
	projects.  Extensive Elisp level modification for  rapid
	prototyping of designs used in groupware research.  This
	includes the development of an infrastructure to support
	multiple, communicating Emacs processes.

Updated: 6Apr94

UTICA  NY  13502
(315) 734-3600

CONTACTS: Alan Piszcz (peesh)      <apiszcz@utica1.kaman.com>
        : Dennis Fitzgerald        <dennis@utica.kaman.com>

Kaman Sciences has performed a GNU port for a custom RISC processor.
We have experience in the definition and description of the machine
register transfer language to the GNU tool-set.  This includes rewriting
and modification of the necessary description and source files of gcc, gas, 
and gld and other binutils.  Kaman also has services for installation and
setup of GNU tools, (GAWK, GCC, EMACS, etc.) on Sun workstations.

Work is on a "service contract" basis and development is charged either
hourly or as a fixed price contract.

Consulting rates: $70 to $200 per hour.

Entered: 13Jan95

Scott J. Kramer		<sjk@aura.nbn.com>
P.O. Box 620207
Woodside, CA  94062
+1 415-941-0755

GNU Software:	Tutoring, installations/upgrades, Emacs Lisp customizations,
		general troubleshooting/support.  Prefer that work I do
		becomes part integrated into official Free Software Foundation

Systems Administration:	 Sun (SunOS & Solaris) and SGI (IRIX)
			 UNIX hardware/software platforms.

Rate:	Task- and time-dependent; non-monetary offers accepted.

Updated: 12Apr94

Fen Labalme		      <fen@comedia.com>
Broadcatch Technologies
40 Carl St. #4		       WE ARE EVERYWHERE
San Francisco CA 94117		JUST SAY "KNOW"
(415) 731-1174			 ARE YOU KIND?

Rates:	$80 hour (negotiable); quick email or phone questions free.
	Lower rates -- free of barter -- for schools and non-profits.

Consulting, installation, customization and training for GNU Emacs,
and selected other GNU & network software (but not G++).  I have been
hacking Emacs since '76 when it was TECO and ^R macros (don't ask).

Updated: 6Apr94

Greg Lehey
Schellnhausen 2
36325 Feldatal

Phone:	+49-6637-1488
Fax:	+49-6637-1489
Mail	<grog@lemis.de>

Services: Supply, porting, installation, consultation on all GNU

Experience: 20 years OS and compiler experience, portations of most
GNU products. Author of ported software CD-ROM for Unix 4.2.

Rates: Choice of DM 150 per hour or hotline rates 3 DM per minute + 10
DM per phone call. Quick questions may be free. Limited free support
available for purchasers of LEMIS CD-ROMs.

Updated: 13Apr94

Marty Leisner	   <leisner@sdsp.mc.xerox.com>
332 Shaftsbury Road
Rochester, New York  14610
Home:(716) 654-7931

Experience: 12 years C/Unix, 7 years DOS.
	    Extensive experience with GNU binary tools, cross-compilers,
	    embedded/hosted systems, realtime.
Degree :    BS CS, Cornell University
Rates:	    $75/hr

<leisner@sdsp.mc.xerox.com>  <leisner@eso.mc.xerox.com>

Updated: 15Apr94

Richard Levitte             (in TeX: Richard Levitte
Södra Långgatan 39, II               S\"odra L{\aa}nggatan 39, II
S-171 49  Solna                      S-171 49  Solna
Sweden                               Sweden)
Tel.nr.:  +46 (8) 18 30 99	(there is an answering machine)
e-mail:	  <levitte@e.kth.se> (preferred)

What I do:
	Primarly I work on GNU software for VMS, both VAX and AXP.  I
	also work on GNU stuff for Unix on occasion.  I'm familiar with
	SunOS (version 4.x.x), BSD (version 4.2 and up),
	Ultrix (version 4.2 and up).
	I've been porting GNU Emacs to VMS since spring 1991.  This
	includes versions 18.57 to 18.59 and version 19.22.
	I maintain GNU vmslib.

Programs supported:
	GNU vmslib:	extending, installation, upgrading aid,
			simple and complex questions, you name it.
	GNU Emacs:	porting, extending, installation, upgrading aid,
			customization, simple or complex questions,
			training, you name it.
	GNU autoconf:	porting, extending, installation, upgrading aid.
	GNU zip, diffutils, m4, patch, texinfo:
			porting, installation, upgrading aid.
	GNU C/C++:	installation, upgrading aid.  I might start to
			hack at it some day.

The list of programs I currently support represents both my interests and
current priorities.  Your interest and funding can influence my priorities.

	Fluent in C, C++, Emacs Lisp, Pascal as well as assembler
	on VAX, Motorola 680x0, Intel 8086 and 80x86.  Modified key
	elements in Emacs (e.g., memory and process management) to work
	transparently on VMS.  I have very good knowledge in the VMS
	operating system, as well as MS-DOS and IBM PC compatibles.
	I have worked for four and a half years as a VMS system manager.
	I've also provided consulting services on IBM PC compatibles,
	as well as held classes for IBM PC users.
	A reference list is available on request.

Your Rate:
	$50-$80/hour (400-700 SEK in sweden), plus expenses.  My rates
	are negotiable, depending on how interesting the project is to me.

Entered: 18Aug94
Roland McGrath		<roland@frob.com>
545 Tech Sq rm 426
Cambridge, MA  02139
Work: (617) 253-8568

Co-author of GNU Make (with Richard Stallman); maintainer of GNU Make.
Author and maintainer of the GNU C Library and parts of the GNU Hurd.
Author of several Emacs Lisp packages and parts of Emacs 19.
FSF employee summer 1989, fall 1990 to the present.

Installation, maintenance, porting, enhancement of all GNU software.

Fees negotiable.  I can work anywhere in the Boston or SF Bay Area, or
anywhere on the Internet.

Updated: 14Apr94

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht		<wolfgang@wsrcc.com>
47 Esparito Ave.
Fremont, CA 94539-3827
(510) 659-9757

Anything, (lisp, C, customization, porting, installing) I have
written thousands of lines of GNU Emacs C and Lisp code.  Original
author of the floating point additions in Emacs 19.

Rates:	$95/hr.

Updated: 14Apr94

Signum Support AB		<info@signum.se>
Box 2044     _			...!seunet!signum!info
S-580 02 Linkoping, Sweden
+46 13 21 46 00 voice
+46 13 21 47 00 fax

Signum Support AB is a company dedicated to supporting, developing
and distributing free software for, including but not limited to,
UNIX systems. The people behind Signum Support AB have many years
of general UNIX experience, both as system administrators and as
programmers, and also extensive experience in maintaining the GNU
programs, both administrating it and finding and fixing bugs.

Services offered:

 - Installation and customizing GNU and other free software.  We will
   make free software as easy to install and use as shrink wrapped
 - Warranty protection.
 - Customization and porting.
 - Subscriptions to new versions which we will send monthly or with
   any other interval.
 - Finding, Recommending and Investigation of free software in any
   area of the customers choise.
 - Regular consulting.

Rates: For software items, request our price list.
       For consulting, 400-800 SEK/hour.

Updated: 14Apr94

Small Business Systems, Inc.		<postmaster@anomaly.sbs.com>
Box 17220, Route 104
Esmond, RI  02917

Rate:	Varies depending on complexity of task.
	Hourly and fixed-rate contracts are available.
Programs Supported:	All

Updated: 14Apr94

Julian H. Stacey.  <stacey@freefall.cdrom.com>
Vector Systems Ltd, Holz Strasse 27d, D 80469 Munich (Muenchen), GERMANY.
Tel. +49 89 268616  (089 268616 in Germany)  09:00-21:00 Timezone=GMT+01:00

Sources: All FSF/GNU, FreeBSD-current, X-Windows, XFree86, NetBSD, Mach, etc.
	(Plus various other things, such as, but not limited to:
	  blas blt cflow CAD cnews crypt dvi2lj eispack elm encryption expect
	  ezd f2c flexfax gic gopher info-zip ingres inn jpeg kermit ksh
	  less lha linpack md5 mh mprof mtools mush nntp octave pbmplus
	  popper sather sc schemetoc slurp sml spreadsheet sup tcl tcl-dp
	  tcsh tcx term tex tiff tk top trn unarj ups urt wine xlock xv
	  xview xxgdb zmodem zip zircon zoo zsh.)
Media:	QIC 1/4" Cartridge 525M, 150M, & 60M, TEAC CAS-60 60M Cassette,
	CD-ROM, Floppies 1.4M & 1.2 & 720K & 360K. DAT arrangeable.
	Postal Service C.O.D.(=`Nachnahme') or pre payment available.
Commercial Consultancy:
	Custom Designs, Provision & support of FreeBSD or Unix, C, FSF tools,
	X Windows, own tools, systems engineering, hardware interfacing,
	multi lingual European, Cyrillic & Chinese tools & systems,
	Unix, MSDOS, real time etc, communications & scientific & industrial.
	Man kann mir in Deutsch schreiben, (oder mich anrufen).
	Je comprend Francais, mais je n'ecris pas des responses en Francais.
	(Contact me in English, German, or French).
FREE for Symmetric Computer Systems Model 375 owners:
	Free Binaries & sources on SCS/375's TEAC 50/60M Cassette, for:
	GCC-1.40, UUCP-1.4, Ghostscript 2.3, Tar-1.08, Gzip-1.2.2 etc.
	(Native SCS compiler can't compile GCC on this NSC32016 based BSD4.2)
On Request:  Resume, Company Profile, Index of public & proprietary tools,
Rate:	~120 DM/hour. ~100DM/Cartridge.	 (1.5DM = $1 USA = 0.6 UK Pounds @4/'94)
Short enquiries free. (Kurze Anfragen Ohne Gebuhr).

Updated: 14Jun94

Richard M. Stallman	<rms@prep.ai.mit.edu>
UUCP:  {mit-eddie,ucbvax,uunet,harvard,uw-beaver}!ai.mit.edu!rms
545 Tech Sq, Rm 430
Cambridge, MA 02139

Emacs: anything whatever
Is anyone interested in courses in using or extending GNU Emacs?

Original inventor of Emacs and main author of GNU Emacs and GCC.

Rates: $6/min or $250/hr.

Updated: 14Apr94

JoS-Ware Comp Tech	Johan Svensson <support@spird.jos.ec.lu.se>
Box 739
220 07 LUND
Tel +46-46-104505 (Dept. of Economics, University of LUND)
Fax +46-46-188445 (JoS-Ware Comp Tech)

What:	We offer consulting services regarding installation,
	customization, troubleshooting, porting and integration
	of all free software, including GNU software.

Spec.:	Network integration, integration of public domain software
	into commercial systems, WorldWideWeb, C, X-Windows, Linux,
	networked information systems

How:	Remote login over internet, email, modem, phone, personal
	visits (in southern Sweden mainly)

Rates:	550SEK (+ tax) per hour within Sweden
	370SEK (+ tax) per hour within Sweden for educational org.
	US $90 per hour outside Sweden
	US $70 per hour outside Sweden for educational org.
	Note: fees may vary and special arrangements may be considered

Entered: 7Apr94

Kayvan Sylvan <kayvan@satyr.Sylvan.COM>
Sylvan Associates
879 Lewiston Drive
San Jose, CA 95136
Phone: 408-978-1407

I will help you port, install and customize GNU Emacs, GCC, G++,
bison, and other GNU tools on almost any architechture and operating
system. Questions answered. GNU C and lisp hacking available. I will
also do ongoing support and periodic upgrades if you get on my GNU
software subscription list.

Rates: $60-$100/hour, depending on type of work. Substantial discounts
for long-term contracts and also for educational or non-profit

Experience: Many different Unix systems (2.9BSD to 4.4BSD, SVR3 and
SVR4, Linux, Xenix). Systems programming and system administration on all
brands of Unix. Kernel hacking experience. Lots of porting experience.
I can port anything to anything (within reason).

Updated: 14Apr94

Leonard H. Tower Jr.	<tower@prep.ai.mit.edu>
36 Porter Street
Somerville, MA	02143, USA
+1 (617) 623-7739

Will work on most GNU software.
Installation, handholding, trouble shooting, extensions, teaching.

Rates: 100.00/hour + travel expenses.  Negotiable for non-profits.

Experience: Have hacked on over a dozen architectures in many languages.  Have
system mothered several varieties of Unixes.  Assisted rms with the front end
of gcc and it's back-end support.  Resume available on request.

Entered: 14Apr94

UrbanSoft AO  <info@usoft.spb.su>
68 Malooktinskii Prospect
St. Petersburg, Russia	195272

Custom GhostScript and TeX programming by e-mail.
Database documents, directories, standard forms.

UrbanSoft uses a portion of its revenues to contribute 
diskette distributions of GNU software to Russian 
universities (most of which lack FTP access).

Rates: 30,000 rubles (currently USD 16.80) per hour.
       Fixed rate contracts also possible.
       Payable by bank transfer.

Updated: 20Apr94

noris network
Matthias Urlichs
Schleiermacherstrasse 12
90491 Nuernberg
Phone: +49 911 9959621
Fax: +49 911 5980150
http://info.noris.de/ (German)

  OS internals, esp. Linux and BSD, esp. device drivers
  Network protocol / program design and coding
  Utilities coding and maintainance
  Program debugging, testing
  User interface design and testing
  Several programming and tool languages

  Installation, debugging, enhancement, distribution,
    for all kinds of free software.
  System administration for most Unix-like systems.
  Email, Fax, phone, and in-person consulting (and/or "question answering").
  Remote support and system monitoring (over the Internet),
  Update service (new tools tested and installed automagically)
  Internet access

  DM 110 (~$70) per hour
  Support contracts start at DM 170/month + DM 30/supported system.
  Willing to travel for sufficiently large jobs.
  Rates don't include taxes.

Entered: 16Aug94

Joe Wells <jbw@cs.bu.edu>
Postal Address:
  care of: Boston University Computer Science Department
  111 Cummington Street, Room 138
  Boston, Massachusetts 02215
Work Telephone: (617) 353-3381 (sorry, but no answering machine or voice mail)
Home Telephone: (617) 739-7456 (until August 1995)
Finger "jbw@cs.bu.edu" for up-to-date contact information.

    I have B.A. and M.A. degrees in Computer Science and have completed
    all but the dissertation for a Ph.D. in C.S.  My research for my
    Ph.D.  is in the areas of logic, type systems, and programming
    language theory.  My primary programming languages are Emacs Lisp,
    Perl, and Bourne shell, but of course I can program in any language.
    I have written numerous Emacs Lisp packages.  I started the USENET
    "List of Frequently Asked Questions about GNU Emacs with Answers" and
    maintained it for more than two years.  Most of my work has been
    related to the telephone system (modems, voice mail, etc.), but I am
    not limited to that.  Send e-mail for my complete resume or curriculum

Programs supported:
    GNU Emacs and Taylor UUCP:
      Installation, training, customization, bug fixing, troubleshooting,
      extension, development, porting, or answering any kind of question.
    Any other GNU program:
      The same things, but I don't necessarily have huge amounts of
      experience with the particular program.

Working conditions:
    I am usually available for part-time work (less than 20 hours per week
    including any travel time).  I can sometimes make time for full-time
    work for a month or two; please inquire.  I can either work in or near
    Boston or via the Internet or via telephone; travel outside the Boston
    metropolitan area can be negotiated.  My schedule is very flexible.
    Any programs I write will normally have the copying conditions of the
    GNU General Public License; this is negotiable.

Rates: $65/hour as an independent contractor.
       travel and telephone expenses.
       higher rates if extensive travel is required.

Updated: 27Sep94.
Yggdrasil Computing, Inc./ Freesoft, Inc.	<info@yggdrasil.com>
4880 Stevens Creek Blvd. Ste. 205
San Jose, CA  95129
(408) 261-6630
(800) 261 6630

Updated: 14Apr94

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