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From: (Philip L. Dubois)
Subject: Phil Zimmermann
Date: 29 Dec 1994 06:17:55 GMT
Organization: Colorado SuperNet, Inc.
Lines: 44
Distribution: world
Message-ID: <3dtkaj$>

Phil Zimmermann and his defense team are heartened by the substantial
outpouring of support that has been demonstrated through numerous postings
in this and other news groups.  As we approach a crucial meeting with the
prosecutor, it is particularly encouraging to see that many others are 
willing to devote themselves, both financially and through volunteered time,
to Phil's defense.

A number of postings have suggested a variety of support activities ranging
from petitions to the President to gatherings in San Jose.  Phil's lawyers
are concerned that some of these activities would not assist in our efforts
to protect his legal interests and could in fact hurt.

The upcoming meeting with the prosecutor is not a court hearing, but is a
private meeting of counsel.  Neither Phil nor any judicial official will be
present.  It will not be a trial or hearing, but a discussion with the Assistant 
United States Attorney who is handling Phil's case.  As such,
it is not an appropriate setting for any public demonstrations of support
for Phil or for unrestricted dissemination of cryptography.  What Phil needs
at that meeting is a quiet environment in which serious legal issues can be
discussed candidly in an effort to avoid the necessity for any trial.

Given the purposes and importance of the meeting, we -- and most especially
Phil ZImmermann -- ask that any of his supporters not come to San Jose for
any form of public demonstration.  We encourage you instead to continue to
support Phil's defense by financial contributions.  Communications of 
support to government officials in Washington, DC are also appropriate and

To the extent that effective representation of Phil's interest permits us
to communicate with his supporters, we will periodically post announcements
to this and other appropriate news groups.

Philip L. Dubois

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