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From: (Philip L. Dubois)
Subject: Philip Zimmermann
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Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 19:55:14 GMT
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Many of you know that members of Philip Zimmermann's
defense team traveled recently to San Jose to meet with
the Assistant U.S. Attorney (AUSA) assigned to the
Zimmermann investigation.  This was done for the purpose of
persuading the AUSA not to indict.  In the hope of avoiding
speculation and misinformation, I write now to report that the
meeting was cordial, that the AUSA listened carefully and
agreed to consider our arguments, and that we don't know when
a decision will be made.

The defense effort continues and remains in need of
financial support.  Before the trip to San Jose, one
generous person donated a plane ticket from his own
frequent-flyer miles.  This contribution was timely and
much appreciated and shows a way for people to
contribute without digging into their pocketbooks.
More travel will be necessary during the next month or
two, and if there is an indictment, a great deal of
travel will be necessary.  Any new contributions,
including plane tickets, will be received with gratitude.

It may seem odd, given the nature of the case, that the
defense effort does not have its own Web page, ftp
site, or other electronically-accessible source of
information.  Keep in mind that you're dealing with a
lawyer who tends not to do things without considerable
deliberation.  The investigation has only been going on
for two years.  I'm working on it.

Government investigators may seek to interview people.
It would be helpful to us to hear from such people.
The government is not required to, and will not, tell
us what it's up to.  Our only source of information is
people who've been questioned.  There is nothing wrong
with such folks telling us about their interviews, and
it helps us a great deal.  I therefore ask that anyone who has
been approached and/or interviewed by any federal investigator
about Mr. Zimmermann contact me.  My email is,
my phone is 303-444-3885, and my mail address is 2305
Broadway, Boulder, CO, 80304-4132.

I'll close by offering thanks.  Mr. Zimmermann and I
very much appreciate the warm reception we were
accorded by the Cypherpunks while we were in
California.  And we are deeply grateful for all your
generous contributions of financial and other support.
Your appreciation of the importance of Mr. Zimmermann's
case to the wider causes of privacy and individual
liberty is encouraging.

Philip L. Dubois
Lawyer for Philip Zimmermann

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