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The Invisible Barbecue [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/barbecue.html ] (also available in PostScript [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/barbecue.ps ])

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A Vigil For Thurgood Marshall [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/tm.html ], 93 Colum. L. Rev. 1061 (1993). PostScript [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/tm.ps ]

Judge Weinfeld, A Recollection [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/ew.html ] PostScript [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/ew.ps ]

The Invisible Barbecue [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/barbecue.html ], 97 Colum. L. Rev. 945 (1997). PostScript [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/barbecue.ps ]

Holmes's Legacy and the New Constitutional History [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/fiss.html ], 108 Harv. L. Rev. 2027 (1995). PostScript [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/fiss.ps ]

The Incompleat Burkean: Bruce Ackerman's New Constitutional History [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/burkean.html ], 5 Yale J. Law & Humanities 532 (1993). PostScript [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/burkean.ps ]

The Transformation of Morton Horwitz [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/horwitz.html ], 93 Colum. L. Rev. 1042 (1993). PostScript [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/horwitz.ps ]

Legal Fictions and Common Law Legal Theory: Some Historical Reflections [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/fict.html ], 10 Tel-Aviv Univ. Stud. in L. 35 (1991). PostScript [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/fict.ps ]


The Virtual Scholar and Network Liberation [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/nospeech.html ], Association of American Law Schools, New Orleans, 5 January 1995 (undelivered). PostScript [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/aals95.ps ]

American Federalisms: The Structure of 18C North American Law [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/aslh.html ], American Society for Legal History, Atlanta, 9 February 1990. PostScript [ http://old.law.columbia.edu/my_pubs/aslh.ps ]

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Eben Moglen


1993, Yale University, Ph.D. with Distinction in History

1985, Yale University, J.D.; M.Phil. in History (with honors) Articles Editor, Yale Law Journal, Vol. 93.

1976-80, Swarthmore College. A.B. (High Honors), 1980. Phi Beta Kappa. Philip Hicks Prize, Literary Criticism.


1994-, Professor of Law and Legal History, Columbia Law School.

1987-94, Associate Professor of Law, Columbia Law School.

1986-87, Law Clerk to Justice Thurgood Marshall, United States Supreme Court.

1985-86, Law Clerk to Judge Edward Weinfeld, United States District Court, Southern District of New York.

1984, Associate, Cravath Swaine & Moore, New York.

1983, IBM Corporation, Armonk, New York, Associate Corporation Counsel

1979-84, IBM Corporation, San Jose, California, Programmer/Analyst, Programming Language Research & Development.

Bar Admissions

New York, 1988; US Supreme Court, 1993

Visiting Professorships

Harvard Law School, 1994-95
University of Virginia Law School, Fall 1993
Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law, Spring-Summer 1991


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Note, Commercial Arbitration in the Eighteenth Century: Looking for the Transformation of American Law, 93 Yale L.J. 135 (1983).

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