Free Software as a Social Movement

Eben Moglen

May 9, 2004

May 9, 2004 - Toronto, Canada - Eben Moglen talks about Free Software as a social movement. Topics include:

1. Free Software, freedom, and conflict.
2. PGPs impact in the social movement.
3. Civil freedom, Free Software and personal computers.
4. Richard Stallman's accomplishments.
5. Freeing the software layer of the Internet.
6. Other participants in the social movement including IBM, HP, Motorola as "unwitting running dogs".
7. The music, video and movie distribution system and its fate.
8. Microsoft as the "best funded, deepest, and most abusive monopoly in the history of the world".
9. Free Software v Microsoft.
10. Governments and Free Software.
11. Free Software v the "owners of culture" (the Disney company).
12. Free Software and cheap hardware v bandwidth.
13. Free voice and data communication on shared spectrum in the 2030s.
14. Free Software in cell phones/PDAs and their impact on freedom (no need to pay for phone bills).
15. People power v Bill Gates, Michael Eisner, Rupert Murdock, the remaining telecommunication monopolists and all oligopolists.

Copyright 2004