The Danger of Software Patents

Richard Stallman [ ] from the Free Software Foundation [ ] and of the GNU Project [ ], author of the GPL [ ], the man who made GNU/Linux possible, will be giving a talk in Calgary.

Richard Stallman will explain how software patents obstruct software development. Software patents are patents that cover software ideas. They restrict the development of software, so that every design decision brings a risk of getting sued. Patents in other fields restrict factories, but software patents restrict every computer user. Economic research shows that they even retard progress.

Seating is limited - please make sure you register [ ]. There will be a draw for a door prize from the registration list.

As a matter of principle, Richard Stallman refuses to lecture where there is a compulsory attendance fee. CUUG is paying the full costs of sponsoring this event (flights, equipment rental, etc.), estimated at $2000 to $3000.

Donation of $20 will be requested from non CUUG members.
We will not be able to accept credit/debit cards, please bring cash or cheques.

Location: University of Calgary, Science Theatre ST140.
(Look for the "Science Theatres" building on this map [ ], between the Science A, the Social Sciences, and the Biological Sciences buildings)
Thank you to the University of Calgary [ ] for providing the venue.

Pop and donuts sponsored by Ne2 Encryption:

7:00 PM Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
Door opening at 6:30 PM for people with registration, 6:45 for everybody else.

You are welcome to distribute or display our poster [ ].