Microsoft Windows applications selected for Department of Transportation desktops

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January 4, 1990

WASHINGTON D.C. -- Microsoft Corp. Thursday announced that Microsoft's family of Windows graphical environment-based applications will be installed on up to 40,000 personal computers being purchased by the Department of Transportation over the next eight years.

Microsoft, as a subcontractor to AT&T, played a crucial role in helping AT&T be selected as the primary contractor for the Office Automation Technology Services (OATS) contract. Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Excel for Windows and Microsoft Word for Windows products were included in the bid by AT&T as the core productivity environment and applications to be used on all desktops.

``We believe the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) made its selection based in large part on the clear and demonstrable productivity increases that users realize when working in the Windows environment,'' said Bill Gates, chairman and chief executive officer, Microsoft Corp. ``Microsoft has been working with the government to encourage adoption and use of graphical applications, and this award signals its recognition of Windows as a complete solution for increased productivity.''

``One of the key requirements during the selection process was the importance of off-the-shelf solutions that are readily available in the commercial markets,'' said Scott Oki, senior vice president of U.S. Sales and Marketing, Microsoft Corp.

``The Windows environment has become established as a powerful extension to DOS with more than 3 million copies sold and over 600 applications available. The FAA had the foresight to set requirements for a system that would meet the DOT's computing needs well into the 1990s. Windows can provide this flexibility as well as compatibility with more powerful operating environments like OS/2 systems as their computing needs grow.''

Microsoft Windows' open architecture will allow government users to easily integrate a variety of applications into a single environment and provides for easy data transfer between applications.

In addition to Microsoft's Windows applications, the FAA's core ``Electronic Office'' will include Superbase 4 Windows database from Precision Inc. and Command Post, an enhanced menuing system, from Wilson WindowWare. Because of its graphical nature, Windows makes it easier to use these multiple applications and to accomplish tasks that were more difficult and time consuming in older character-based environments.

Additional Microsoft products that are part of the contract include the Microsoft Mouse, C, Fortran and Cobol.

The contract was negotiated by the Federal Aviation Administration, which selected AT&T's solution for DOS, UNIX System V, networking and training because it best satisfied the FAA's requirements of open architecture, extendibility, flexibility, ease of use, and integration, among others.

OATS Contract Builds Momentum for Microsoft Applications in the Federal Market

Microsoft's applications, particularly its Windows line, have been leading contenders in several federal contracts and are steadily gaining market share in the federal segment. Recently Microsoft Word version 5.0 was included in the Navy Companion contract that was awarded to Zenith.

Microsoft Word for Windows, the newest member of the Microsoft Word family, is a full-featured, graphical word processor designed to improve mainstream word processing through a more intuitive interface, easier editing, formatting through direct manipulation, and customization capabilities to automate routine tasks.

Microsoft Excel for Windows is the first spreadsheet to take advantage of the graphical environment; it delivers unprecedented functionality, presentation capabilities and customizability. Since its shipment in 1987, Microsoft Excel has become the dominant spreadsheet for graphics environments such as Windows, Presentation Manager and the Apple Macintosh.

The FAA selected Microsoft Excel and Word for Windows because they provide an open integrated solution for the desktop. Both share similar menu and command structures for ease of learning and training support, and through the dynamic data exchange protocol can easily exchange data with each other and a variety of other Windows applications.

Microsoft is one of 70 companies working with AT&T to supply equipment, software and related services for the FAA project. The Microsoft and AT&T solution consists of a powerful suite of word processing products, database services, language compilers, business graphics, spreadsheets and electronic mail. AT&T will supply workstations designed by AT&T and Intel Corp.

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