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1994-12-05   The bandwidth tidal wave

1995-04-18   CableLabs Issues High-Speed Data Service RFP  More
1995-06-xx   Connecting Homes to the Internet  [PDF]
1995-08-07   Despite trials, Internet cable access years off
1995-11-xx   Phone Lines Stymie V.34 Modems - See document
1995-11-30   Call for Standardized Data Connections
1995-12-xx   Companies Conducting Cable Modem Trials

1996-01-30   Cable Modems Alter On-Line Life  More  More
1996-02-xx   Cable Industry Seeking Standard for Net-Capable Modems
1996-04-xx   Cable Data Modems  [PDF]
1996-04-29   Cable Data Interface Specification Process is Progressing  More  More
1996-11-13   Draft standards for new 56Kbps modem technology - See document
1996-10-31   Transfer Rate for a 10-Megabyte File  More
1996-12-11   Cable Industry Issues Specification for High-Speed Data Delivery

1997-03-16   Cable RF Specification for High-Speed Data Finalized
1997-04-26   Open 56K Forum to support interoperable 56kbps modem technology - See document
1997-11-17   Cable Industry Formalizes DOCSIS Modem Certification Plan

1998-02-04   Agreement reached on 56K Modem standard - See document  More
1998-02-26   Copyright Term Extension Act - See document  More  More  More
1998-03-19   ITU Approves DOCSIS Modem Standard
1998-05-08   Mickey Mouse Slated to Become Public Property - See document
1998-07-23   First Royalty-Free IP Pool Enables DOCSIS Rollout
1998-07-23   AOL deploys 56-kbps standard - See document
1998-08-xx   Internet Over Cable: Defining the Future In Terms of the Past  [PDF]
1998-10-08   Digital Millennium Copyright Act - See document  [PDF]  More  More
1998-10-08   Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act - See document  More  More
1998-10-29   President Bill Clinton signs term extension act - See document

1999-04-22   DOCSIS 1.1
1999-05-12   Get Faster Access  More  More  More  More  More  More
1999-09-19   Internet Providers' Fortunes Are Riding On Fight for 'Broadband' Access
1999-10-xx   Broadband Today  [PDF]

2000-10-02   50 percent of U.S. Households Now Have Internet Access  More

2001-02-01   Broadband across U.S.
2001-04-11   Comcast, how much does it cost?
2001-07-08   Comcast Makes Proposal to Merge with AT&T Broadband
2001-08-29   61 Percent of U.S. Households Actively Using the Internet
2001-08-31   CableLabs Creating Advanced Modem Spec to Enable 27 Mbps in Upstream
2001-12-11   Comcast Unveils High-Speed Internet Network Plans
2001-12-19   AT&T Broadband to Merge with Comcast Corporation  More  [PDF]

2002-01-16   DOCSIS 2.0  More  More
2002-02-xx   How Americans are expanding their use of the Intermet  [PDF]
2002-04-10   Comcast, how much does it cost?
2002-11-18   Comcast Completes AT&T Broadband Transaction

2003-04-16   The Ever-Shifting Internet Population  [PDF]
2003-10-02   Comcast to Double Downstream Speeds For Internet Customers

2004-03-18   Three out of four have access to the Internet  [PDF]
2004-07-27   Comcast Adds 4Mbps Speed Option to Internet Service Offering
2004-08-18   U.S. broadband connections reach critical mass  [PDF]

2005-01-18   Comcast Enhances Broadband Service with New Speeds  More
2005-09-28   Two out of three have broadband access  [PDF]  More  More

2006-06-01   Comcast "Boosts" Customers Broadband Speeds
2006-06-21   U.S. broadband reaches 74 percent at home  [PDF]
2006-08-07   DOCSIS 3.0

2008-04-03   Comcast Unleashes New 50/5 Mbps Internet Service
2008-04-29   Comcast Boosts Business Class Internet Speeds to 16 Mbps
2008-06-12   Comcast Increases Upstream Speeds for Its Internet Customers
2008-07-03   Study says many dial-up users don't want broadband
2008-10-22   Comcast Begins 50 Mbps Internet Service  More  More  More  More  More
2008-12-xx   Down Payment on Our Digital Future  [PDF]

2009-01-xx   If you build it, will they log on?  [PDF]
2009-03-03   Comcast to Roll Out 50 Mbps Internet Service  More  More
2009-06-10   Accessing the Internet at home  [PDF]
2009-07-14   Independent review of broadband studies  More  More  More  [PDFs]
2009-09-08   Comcast Launches 100 Mbps Internet Service For Businesses in the Twin Cities
2009-11-11   Broadband, where it is and where it is going  [PDF]
2009-12-10   Broadband Deployment  More  [PDF]  More  [PDF]  More  [PDF]

2010-02-xx   Universal broadband Internet access  [PDF]  More
2010-02-xx   Broadband Internet transitions and policy  [PDF]
2010-02-19   Broadband adoption  [PDF]
2010-03-16   Comcast CEO Comments on FCC National Broadband Plan

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