AT&T directory and database service for Internet users

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. -- APRIL 1, 1993 -- AT&T today announced the on-line availability of new directory and database services that allow users of the Internet to find and choose more easily from the vast array of resources available on the Internet.

These directory and database services are a component of the InterNIC, which is comprised of three organizations selected by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to receive cooperative agreements to provide network information services for the NSFNET and the NREN(SM). The InterNIC team includes Network Solutions, Inc., Herndon, VA, which provides Registration Services and General Atomics/CERFnet, San Diego, CA, which provides Information Services, and AT&T, which provides Directory and Database Services.

The AT&T-provided services include the Directory of Directories, directory services that are similar to listings in telephone-book "white" and "yellow" pages and Database Services to store data available to all Internet users.

The Directory of Directories enables even novice users to obtain references to information and resources associated with the Internet, such as computing centers, network providers, information servers, indices of white and yellow pages directories, library catalogs, data and software archives and training services.

The Directory of Directories is freely accessible to all Internet users. Access is available through Wide Area Information Service (WAIS), Archie, Telnet, anonymous FTP, or electronic mail. Access using Gopher will be available in July 1993. WAIS, Archie and Gopher are network-based information tools that have been popularized by the Internet community.

AT&T invites users, organizations, companies and other resource providers to participate in the effort by providing information for inclusion in the Directory of Directories.

InterNIC Directory Services provides white and yellow page type services for easy access and communication with other people and organizations. Access tools include X.500, electronic mail, Telnet and Netfind via Telnet.

InterNIC Database Services provides three categories of information in databases that can be freely accessed through WAIS, Archie, Telnet, anonymous FTP or electronic mail. Categories include material recommended or contributed by The National Science Foundation (NSF), communications documents that relate to the NSFNET, and collections of data or databases supplied by individuals or organizations. Suppliers of collections of data or databases in this last category will be charged a monthly fee based on the size of the file. There will be no charge to the end users for access to the information.

AT&T also offers database design, management and maintenance services to candidate institutions and groups.

"These directory and database services will contribute significantly to making the emerging national information infrastructure easy to navigate and use," said Erik Grimmelmann, AT&T Data Communications Services marketing director, Internet/NREN.

"Key to the success of these services, and the other services being provided by our InterNIC collaborators, will be the participation by users and organizations in providing information for inclusion," said Grimmelmann.

Directory and Database Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The main server is located at an AT&T Network Operations Center in New Jersey where system administrators are available between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

The availability of InterNIC services, including InterNIC Directory and Database services, will be formally announced at the Internet Engineering Task Force conference in Columbus, Ohio, via a video teleconference to be held over the Internet on April 1 at 4 p.m. EST.

Interested users may obtain further information on InterNIC Directory and Database Services by sending electronic mail to: or by calling the InterNIC Directory and Database Services Administrator at 908 668-6587.

NREN is a service mark of the United States Government administered by the National Science Foundation.



In implementing the Directory of Directories and Directory Services, AT&T is taking a leadership role in bringing distributed, standards-based technology into wide spread use. Both the Directory of Directories and Directory Services will take advantage of X.500, while also providing access using today's popular access tools. ACCESS/DIRECTORY OF DIRECTORIES

The Directory of Directories is freely accessible to all Internet users; no passwords are required.

Wide Area Information Service (WAIS) access is either directly from a user's WAIS or a WAIS client on the Directory server by telnet to host and login as "wais".

Archie may also be used, either from remote Archie clients, the Archie client on the Directory server, or through electronic mail. Telnet to host and login as "archie". Or send mail to

The Directory of Directories is also accessible through a mailserver application. Send email to

Through anonymous FTP [access and change directory to resources].

Access using Gopher will be available in July 1993. AT&T invites resource providers to submit information for inclusion in the Directory of Directories using an electronic template which is available via anonymous FTP to: Enter the following commands: cd pub/InterNIC-info get dirofdir_request.template or via Mail to: [message: /ftp/pub/InterNIC-info/dirofdir_request.template]. Additional assistance is available by including the HELP command. ACCESS/DIRECTORY SERVICES

Directory Services can be accessed as follows: Through telnet to the X.500 Directory User Agent (DUA) [telnet to and use the userid "x500" with no password]. This interface provides information about persons and organizations participating in the X.500 pilot projects.

Via electronic mail to which in turn queries the X.500 Directory. For instructions on how to use the mailserver, including format of the directory query, include the word "help" in the body of the message.

Through a Directory User Agent to the QUIPU Directory System Agent (DSA) named "Pied Tamarin" on the machine that has the following presentation address: '0101'H/TELEX+00728722+RFC-1006+03+

The DSA "Pied Tamarin" presently stories InterNIC personnel listings and WHOIS data collected by the Registration Services provider. Those interested in including an X.500 organizational or individual listing should send electronic mail to ad-

Using Netfind to get information about an individual by telnet to with the userid "netfind" and no password. ACCESS/DATABASE

All files are stored using a UNIX directory structure. WAIS access to search for and transfer text information is either through local WAIS client or telnet to and login as user "wais"; no password is required, and online help information is available.

Archie access is via telnet or electronic mail to search for local files and directories. Telnet to and login with the userid "archie", or send mail to

Through anonymous FTP or electronic mail using the mailserver application. Mail to and in- clude HELP in the body of message to obtain a user's guide.

Individuals or organizations interested in including data collections or databases in the InterNIC Database Services may request an electronic order template by anonymous FTP from host using the following commands:

cd /pub/InterNIC-info get database_order.template. For information about specialized database design and development, mail to

Shelly London