University of Illinois Assigns All Future Commercial Licensing Rights for NCSA Mosaic to Spyglass, Inc.

IBM, FTP Software, O'Reilly and Associates and Firefox Will Distribute Enhanced NCSA Mosaic from Spyglass to Their Customers

Savoy, Ill., Aug. 24 -- To better meet the strong market demand for easy-to-use Internet access tools, Spyglass, Inc., and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign today announced a master-license agreement assigning to Spyglass all future commercial licensing rights for the University's NCSA Mosaic graphical Internet browser. Spyglass develops and distributes commercially enhanced versions of Mosaic for Windows, Macintosh and UNIX computers. Spyglass licenses its Enhanced NCSA Mosaic to networking software companies, systems vendors and online service providers for incorporation into their products and services.

Spyglass today also announced that it has formed relationships with IBM's Networking Software Division of Research Triangle Park, N.C.; FTP Software, Inc., of North Andover, Mass.; O'Reilly and Associates, Inc., of Sebastopol, Calif.; and Firefox, Inc., of San Jose, Calif. Additional relationships will be announced within the next 30 days. Since becoming a commercial licensee of NCSA Mosaic in May, Spyglass has licensed a total of more than 5 million copies of its Enhanced NCSA Mosaic to these companies and others, who are integrating it into their products for distribution to end-users.

NCSA Mosaic is the most popular graphical browser for the Internet. More than two million copies of Mosaic are in use, and an additional 30,000 copies are being downloaded each month from the Internet. NCSA Mosaic was developed by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Mosaic gives users point-and-click access to the World Wide Web, an information retrieval system on the Internet with more than 3,000 graphical, multimedia databases of "hyperlinked" documents. The Internet is a vast "supernetwork" of public and private networks connecting thousands of organizations and an estimated 30 million individual users. New users are joining the Internet at the rate of more than one million each month, and hundreds of new WWW servers are coming online each month. Because of the reach of the Internet, it offers an attractive vehicle for electronic publishing and for conducting business globally.

Expanded Distribution and Enhancements for Mosaic

The new University of Illinois - Spyglass agreement will create a broader, more practical distribution channel for commercial versions of NCSA Mosaic. NCSA Mosaic traditionally has been available in two ways: for free with copyright to individual users, who must download it from the
Internet; and through a limited number of commercial licensees.

"With the overwhelming demand for commercial versions of Mosaic, our distribution system needs to be dramatically strengthened," said Larry Smarr, director of NCSA. "Now, working with Spyglass, we'll be able to get Mosaic to everyone who wants it much more quickly --  largely by mobilizing lots of vendors who will integrate, add value to and incorporate Enhanced NCSA Mosaic with their products for distribution to their customers. We believe that this arrangement will free up NCSA developers to work on adding new leading-edge capabilities to NCSA Mosaic."

"This new agreement solves the problem of getting solid, commercial-quality copies of Mosaic to the tens of millions of people who want to tap the rich resources of the World Wide Web and the Internet," said Douglas Colbeth, president of Spyglass.  "It will give vendors stable, standard and feature-rich versions of Enhanced NCSA Mosaic that they can incorporate immediately into their products -- with little or no additional development work, if they so choose. Our ultimate goal is to have people automatically receive Enhanced NCSA Mosaic as a standard part of their computer systems, networking software, and commercial online services. By this time next year,  there should be more than 20 million copies of Enhanced NCSA Mosaic from Spyglass in use on desktops."

According to Joseph Hardin, associate director of NCSA's software development group, Spyglass is the right partner for NCSA. The company has:

The University of Illinois will honor all agreements with current commercial licensees, but will be referring inquiries about all future commercial licenses to Spyglass and encouraging current licensees to work with Spyglass. Because Spyglass has committed to license very high volumes of Mosaic licenses from the University, the company can offer Enhanced NCSA Mosaic to current and future Mosaic licensees at very favorable terms.

The new University of Illinois - Spyglass agreement is an extension of a multimillion-dollar joint development and licensing agreement signed in May.  Under the new agreement, NCSA will now focus on research into advanced features for the next generations of Mosaic, such as voice recognition, full-motion video, and intelligent agents for searching on the Internet. Spyglass will develop and bring to market commercially enhanced versions of NCSA Mosaic, focusing on large-volume sales to other vendors.

NCSA will continue to offer a public-with-copyright version of Mosaic over the Internet, which individuals can download for free. As part of its agreement with NCSA, Spyglass will provide a number of its improvements to NCSA for incorporation back into the public-with-copyright version.

In addition to collaborating on Mosaic, NCSA and Spyglass are working with the new consortium formed by MIT and CERN to drive new standards and advancements for the World Wide Web.

Licensing Partners Plan Multiple Uses

IBM's family of TCP/IP products provides a comprehensive set of applications to meet the interoperability and connectivity needs of business and home users.  By integrating Enhanced NCSA Mosaic from Spyglass with IBM's TCP/IP application suite, IBM will provide users with leading graphical facilities for accessing and navigating the Internet.

FTP Software, the leader in TCP/IP internetworking software, develops products that  combine the simplicity of workgroup TCP/IP software with the sophistication and high-end features of enterprise environments. FTP Software plans to incorporate Mosaic technology in future products. Considered the pioneering developer of TCP/IP technology for personal computers, FTP Software provides solutions to a wide range of customers in a variety of industries, including financial, telecommunications, medical and government.

O'Reilly and Associates is the leading publisher of books about the Internet and developer of Global Network Navigator (GNN), an Internet publishing platform with links to more than 650 information servers on the Internet. O'Reilly has licensed Enhanced NCSA Mosaic from Spyglass and will bundle the software with The Mosaic Handbook, which will be published in three editions for the Windows, Macintosh and X Window System platforms and be in bookstores in the Fall.  O'Reilly's Digital Media Group will distribute Enhanced NCSA Mosaic to GNN users who want to use a solid, commercially supported version of Mosaic.  The Digital Media Group will also license Mosaic to other digital publishers who are building Internet-based information products and services.

Firefox Corporation, Ltd.,  the leading provider of server-based TCP/IP communications services for use in Novell's NetWare environments, plans to provide Enhanced NCSA Mosaic as an integral part of its expanded NOVIX product line.  The unique design of NOVIX enhances NetWare by centralizing the administration, management and security of TCP/IP communications and access at the NetWare server.  Firefox products are available worldwide through Novell resellers.

Enhanced NCSA Mosaic

Enhanced NCSA Mosaic Release 1.0 features a number of improvements and enhancements requested by the Internet community, including:

Subsequent releases of Enhanced NCSA Mosaic from Spyglass will include features enabling Mosaic and the World Wide Web to be used for more sophisticated electronic publishing as well as electronic commerce. Release 2.0 will include an enhanced security and authentication framework and viewers for the most popular document, image, and audio file formats. Future enhancements will include additional multimedia support, interoperability with other applications using standards such as OLE 2.0 and AppleEvents, and full and secure payment-processing capabilities and other features for true electronic commerce on the Internet.

For more information about Enhanced NCSA from Spyglass, prospective licensees may contact Spyglass at (217) 355-6000 or Additional information about Spyglass and Enhanced NCSA Mosaic is available on Spyglass' Web server, http:\\


NCSA, a unit of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is dedicated to advancing high-performance computing and communications for computational science and engineering in academia and industry.  The center is funded by the National Science Foundation, the Advanced Research Projects Agency, corporate partners, and the State of Illinois.

Spyglass, Inc.

In addition to being the leading provider of commercially enhanced versions of Mosaic,  Spyglass, Inc. is the leading developer of visual data analysis tools for the engineering and scientific marketplace, which run on Windows, Macintosh and UNIX computers.  Tim Krauskopf, developer of NCSA Telnet, and others formed Spyglass in 1990 to commercialize technology from NCSA.  The company's venture-capital partners include Greylock Management of Boston, Mass. and Venrock Associates of New York City.


August 1994

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