Mosaic Communications Changes Name to "Netscape Communications Corporation"

Adopts New Name to Underscore Unique Identity

Mountain View, Calif. (November 14, 1994) -- Mosaic Communications Corporation today announced that it is changing its name to Netscape Communications Corporation. The company is making the name change to further establish its unique identity in the industry and to accommodate concerns expressed by the University of Illinois. The company chose the new name because "Netscape" has become widely recognized as the company's popular new network navigation software for the Internet.

The company believes its new name better represents the full nature of its products and services, which are broader than the Mosaic name implies. The term "Mosaic" has become associated with Internet-based graphical interfaces or browsers, a definition that captures only a small part of the company's complete client/server software architecture for the Internet.

Netscape Communications' founding team includes Marc Andreessen, who created the NCSA Mosaic(TM) research prototype as an undergraduate student at the University of Illinois, and five other former students and staff of the university who were instrumental in NCSA Mosaic's design and development.

"We are making this name change both as a gesture of good will to the University of Illinois and to more clearly differentiate our company from other companies marketing World Wide Web browsers," said Jim Clark, chairman and CEO of Netscape Communications. "'Netscape Communications' more fully conveys the nature and breadth of our business, which is much more comprehensive than a simple browser for the Internet. Our new name enables us to underscore our unique identity as a premier provider of complete, standards-based client/server solutions for communicating and conducting commerce on the Net."

The name Netscape has already achieved widespread popularity and association with the company since the release of the Netscape(TM) network navigator on the Internet last month for free downloading for individual, personal use. In addition to its Netscape navigator, Netscape Communications offers the Netsite(TM) line of server software as well as custom applications, creating a complete client/server software architecture for the Internet. Netscape navigators and Netsite servers bring secure communications, performance and point-and-click simplicity to companies and individuals who want to create or access information services on global networks.

The company will begin to use the new name immediately.

Netscape Communications Corporation is a premier provider of open software to enable people and companies to exchange information and conduct commerce over the Internet and other global networks. The company was founded in April 1994 by Dr. James H. Clark, founder of Silicon Graphics, Inc., a Fortune 500 computer systems company; and Marc Andreessen, creator of the NCSA Mosaic research prototype for the Internet. Privately held, Netscape Communications Corporation is based in Mountain View, California.

Netscape Communications, the Netscape Communications logo, Netscape, Netscape Commerce Server, Netscape Communications Server, Netscape Proxy Server and Netscape News Server are trademarks of Netscape Communications Corporation. NCSA Mosaic is a trademark of the University of Illinois. All other product names are trademarks of their respective companies.