@Home Chooses Silicon Graphics to Deliver its Cable-Based Internet Service to the Home

Silicon Graphics' WebFORCE CHALLENGE Server Continues to be the Platform of Choice for Internet Infrastructure Service Providers

Mountain View, California -- August 7, 1996 -- As part of an industry effort to bring a high-speed broadband Internet connection to the home and workplace,Silicon Graphics¨, Inc. (NYSE:SGI) and @Home Network today announced that the Silicon Graphics' WebFORCE Proxy Server solution has been chosen as the caching server platform for the delivery of @Home's cable-based Internet services. Based upon Silicon Graphics' WebFORCE CHALLENGE¨ Sservers configured with Netscape Proxy Software from Netscape Communications Corporation, the WebFORCE Proxy servers will be deployed at hundreds of cable head-end facilities-providing @Home's customers with the highest performance Internet access as well as lower response time.

@Home Network will deliver high speed Internet access to the home and workplace by using existing cable television infrastructure and by designing its own global network architecture. More than just Internet access, however, @Home is a new communications medium that will change the way people use the Internet. The @Home services are delivered via a high-speed cable modem attached to a user's personal computer and broughtto the customer at speeds hundreds of times faster than phone modems-enabling a full range of multimedia experiences including rich graphics, CD-quality audio and real-time video. And, unlike conventional dial-up services, @Home is always "on" providing instant and unlimited access to the Internet.

"Cable Internet service promises a new level of depth and interactivity for Internet usage. Visual richness and high performance are central to Silicon Graphics' web products strategy, and we are very pleased to have this partnership to take the web to the next level with @Home." said Kai-Fu Lee, vice president of Silicon Graphics' Web Products Division.

@Home plans to install up to 1200 Silicon Graphics WebFORCE CHALLENGE Proxy servers over the next two to three years. In addition, @Home will be one of the first customers to take advantage of the Silicon Graphics WebFORCE Proxy Server solution, also unveiled today.

The WebFORCE Proxy Server solution is targeted at medium to large enterprises and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that handle large volumes of Internet traffic or have geographically dispersed networks. Enterprises and ISPs can take advantage of this technology to improve the speed and reliability of their Web sites as well as to leverage their investment in network infrastructures.

The WebFORCE CHALLENGE server line is a family of high-performance Internet servers designed and optimized for high-bandwidth, multimedia applications. WebFORCE CHALLENGE servers range from the single-processor CHALLENGE S desktop system to the deskside symmetric multi-processing CHALLENGE DM and L to the mainframe-class CHALLENGE XL system. With the ability to support over 8.5 million hits per day on a single-processor CHALLENGE S system, Silicon Graphics provides the highest proven Web server performance on the market today.

The WebFORCE Proxy Servers will play a key role in the @Home global network infrastructure that has been uniquely designed to deliver on the promise of high speed Internet services. Due to the growing congestion and unreliability in today's Internet, @Home has created its own intelligent network architecture that couples a private national backbone, high speed regional and local distribution networks with Silicon Graphics' WebFORCE servers that will cache and replicate Internet content. By doing this, @Home's network infrastructure will work to accelerate performance and bring the Internet closer to the customer.

"Because @Home's aim is to deliver the most fulfilling Internet experience to our customers, we are partnering with the best vendors in their category to help us build this new industry," said Tom Jermoluk, president and chief executive of @Home. "And, I happen to know personally, that Silicon Graphics' unmatched server performance and technical expertise in Intranet and Web serving make it the best possible choice for this piece of our architecture." -The first Silicon Graphics WebFORCE Proxy Server will be deployed with @Home's cable modem-based Internet access service this fall in select Bay Area communities. The service is currently being tested in Sunnyvale, California.

Silicon Graphics, Inc. is the leading supplier of high performance visual and enterprise computing systems. The company's products range from low-end desktop workstations to servers and high-end Cray supercomputers. Silicon Graphics also markets MIPS microprocessor designs, Alias|Wavefront entertainment software and other software products. The companies key markets include the world wide web, government, commercial, industrial, and entertainment sectors. Silicon Graphics, Inc. and its subsidiaries have offices throughout the world and headquarters in Mountain View, California. -end-

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