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From: Beta Team <>
Subject: Baltimore County Beta Testers needed for Cable Modems
Date: 1996/11/04
Message-ID: <55jlc2$>#1/1
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organization: Comcast @Home On-Line Baltimore
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newsgroups: balt.misc
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Comcast @Home On-Line Baltimore is seeking Beta testers for our cable 
modem service. If you are selected, you'll have the opportunity to be one 
of the first testers of this high-speed connection -- without tying up 
your existing phone lines. 

What You'll Get From Comcast:

*Free and unlimited access to the Comcast @Home service during the trial;

*Expect download speeds in excess of 1Megabit per second or more;

*Acces to all information available on the World Wide Web (up to 75 times 
faster than an ISDN line) and our multimedia web guides;

Computer Configurations Required:

*PC: Minimum 486DX running Windows 3.1.1 or 95, 16Mb Ram, 2Mb application 
RAM, 50Mb hard drive space, VGA or SVGA video card, 3.5"HD Floppy drive.

*Mac: Minimum 040 or Power PC-equipped, running 7.5.3, 16Mb RAM, 2Mb 
application RAM, 50Mb hard drive space, Standard color monitor, 3.5"HD 
floppy drive.

What We'll Need From You:

*We will require you to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and maintain 
strict confidentiality with respect to all aspects of your experience 
during the test period.

*You must allow our authorized representative to install software (custom 
Netscape browser, helper apps and TCP/IP stack) on your computer and 
connect it to a specialized modem which we will supply.

*We will need an existing email, answering machine or voice mail number to 
which we can send instructions and information.

*Occasionally, we will give you a list of tasks to perform on the service, 
and will require you to report all bugs and problems via email or phone.

*Testers must keep a diary or log of experiences using the service.

*We'd like weekly feedback from you regarding the service.

*Strong intent from you to become a paying subscriber once the free trial 
period is over.

What's Involved:

*If selected, you will be contacted by one of our customer support 
representatives to schedule an installation day and time. We will make 
every effort to accommodate your schedule; please allow up to 3 hours for 
the installation.

*Our installation team will check the existing cable connections to your 

*Comcast will install cabling, at no cost to you, to the room where you 
will use the PC for this free trial.

*If you are not a Comcast cable television subscriber, you will _not_ have 
to subscribe to our cable television service in order to participate.

*Before we begin the installation, our technician will run diagnostics to 
ensure your equipment is functioning properly. For your protection, the 
same tests will be run again after installation.

*Upon successful completion of these preliminaries, and at no cost to you, 
Comcast will install all Ethernet card and the Comcast @Home software in 
your PC.

*We will connect the Cable Modem that will atach to the Ethernet card's 
external connector. The Cable Modem is a box measuring approximately 8" 
wide by 14" long and requires a standard 110 volt electrical connection. 
Both the card and the Cable Modem will remain property of Comcast.

*The software installation should not cause any problems to your system. 
The software will remain the property of Comcast.

If you are interested, please call us immediately at 1-888-793-1800.

We look forward to hearing from you!

(Please do not email to this address or reply to this message; only by 
calling the toll-free number will you be considered. If you saw this 
message in all three newsgroups, you're probably just who we're looking 
for, so call us today!)

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