J!VE Media Provides Grokster with Legal Fuel to Defend Against the RIAA

Free and Legal J!VE Player™ Portable Media Files have been made available to Grokster P2P Network

Toronto - October 10, 2001 - J!VE Media Technologies Inc., creator of J!VE Player™ Portable Media Files, a revolutionary digital rights management solution designed to be freely downloaded, viewed and legally shared via the Internet, today announced that it has signed a distribution alliance with Grokster Ltd., one of three file-sharing companies, along with MusicCity and KaZzA, currently under the legal microscope of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). The alliance provides J!VE Media with close to a million new users added to their J!VE Player™ Syndicated Distribution Network.

"We are more than pleased to be providing Grokster community users with legal access to our full inventory of J!VE Player™ Portable Media Files," stated Sean Mayers, CEO of J!VE Media. "We'll also continue to do all we can to help support the longevity of file-sharing networks like Grokster who promote the value of free and legal file-sharing for all."

By utilizing J!VE Player™ Portable Media Files, Grokster will provide its file-sharing network users with downloadable access to music videos and other entertaining videos direct from record labels, movie and television studios. In addition, Grokster provides further evidence that their decentralized file-sharing network is utilized by Internet users for much more than the piracy of digital media as it seeks to defend its network from the pursuit of the RIAA.

"The addition of J!VE Player™ Portable Media Files within our Grokster community demonstrates once again the value of our file-sharing network as a valid technology for the legal distribution of entertaining digital media," stated Henry Wilson, Relations Manager for Grokster. "This alliance creates another dimension of value to our network and our users experiences."

Beginning today, J!VE Player™ Portable Media Files will initially be available in QuickTime format via the Grokster file-sharing network, with Windows Media and Real Player versions to be released soon.


J!VE Media Technologies Inc. provides a suite of digital rights management, content management and media delivery services to content owners. With their flagship product, J!VE Player™ (www.jiveplayer.com), J!VE Media individually packages music videos, television and movie segments, with engaging commercial sponsorship and advertising, to deliver a television-like and interactive viewing experience online. J!VE Player™ "Portable Media Files" are created to be freely downloaded, viewed and shared between Internet consumers of Peer-to-Peer networks, File-Sharing applications or via an E-mail link.


Grokster is an advanced Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing program that enables users to share any digital file including images, audio, video, reports, documents, etc. Content developers and owners may now easily broadcast their files to a global audience through the Grokster Network. It is easy to publish your work: your family photos, home videos, academic reports, travel journal, diary, recipes, music from your own band - your imagination is the limit. The only thing you have to do is put your files into a folder on your own hard disk! Grokster accesses over 500,000 plus online users through the FastTrack P2P Stack.