AMD Yahoo group descends into chaos

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September 11, 2006


This may be off topic, but AMD fans and investors had a magnificent group of well informed members on the AMD-Yahoo Message Board. Yahoo changed the format to their new style topic oriented structure which was a totally disoriented format. Topics oriented, obscured the really good posters, hidden beneath a veil of titles. You would need to click on every title, and scan every thread to find relevant information. The end result, the AMD fans that wanted an intelligent message board, left, and set up a Yahoo/AMD message board in a Hijacked Irish Site. Over this weekend, Yahoo caught up with us, and deleted the site, which had accumulated more than 12,000 posts in about months time. The longs then found many of its refugees, and migrated to the Investors Village site. Many formerly great posters from the first Yahoo board never found the Irish site, and many who did, have not found the Investors Village site, our second migration away from Yahoo.

Yahoo has destroyed a great resource with this change in format, (applauded by the Wall Street Journal as an improvement), all glitz and zero functionality. We had accumulated over 1 million posts on the old Yahoo Board. The posters had different talents and when taken as a whole, was as powerful (actually much more powerful) that any brokerage or technology site. Some were TA experts (chartists), some were big time options players, some were former AMD Engineers, some just really smart technologists, and a great many were news diggers. If it happened anywhere, it hit the board within minutes. Wall Street was most often behind the curve when compared with the staff of hundreds we had at the Yahoo Board.

Anyway, I was hoping you could highlight the plight of the Yahoo situation, going from a great resource to irrelevance, and never giving any consideration to the members who were posting there for more than 5 years, every day, and mostly all day. Many friendships accumulated over that time are now lost.

plantlife424 of the Yahoo Board

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