1995-02-xx   Oak and WebRunner
1995-02-10   Java: An Overview  More  [PDFs]
1995-02-10   WebRunner: What and Why  [PDF]
1995-03-xx   The Java Language: A White Paper  More  [PDFs]
1995-03-15   The Java Virtual Machine  More  More  More  [PDFs]
1995-04-11   Netscape and Sun Microsystems
1995-05-xx   The Java Language Environment  More  [PDFs]
1995-05-23   Java Programming Language gives Internet CD-ROM Functionality  More  More
1995-07-xx   Java: The inside story
1995-09-20   SunSoft to Deliver New Java Development Tools for Dynamic Web Design  More
1995-12-xx   The Java Saga
1995-12-04   Competitors Plan Strategies to Counter Microsoft
1995-12-04   Netscape and Sun Announce JavaScript
1995-12-22   Java Education in High Demand

1996-01-09   Sun Microsystems Announces Formation of JavaSoft
1996-01-22   Why Java is Hot. Sun's new programming tool could shift the balance of power  More
1996-01-23   Java 1.0
1996-03-26   Sun Delivers Java WorkShop, First Web-Based Java Development Environment
1996-04-30   Java to be Embedded in Industry-Leading Operating Systems
1996-05-29   JavaSoft Announces JavaOS
1996-07-16   SunSoft Unveils Solaris Internet Tools
1996-07-29   Netscape Unveils Netscape One, The Open Network Environment  More
1996-08-21   Sun Delivers Java WorkShop Development Tool at Market-Leading Price  More
1996-10-29   Introducing JavaStation: Sun's Enterprise Desktop Alternative
1996-11-15   Industry to Advance Standardization of Netscape's JavaScript at Standards Body Meeting
1996-12-11   Sun Debuts the 100% Pure Java Initiative with Support of 100 Companies

1997-01-03   Sun takes steps to standardize Java
1997-01-15   McNealy Plots Out Sun Future
1997-02-05   IBM, Netscape, Sun Joined by Novell to Deliver Training on Business Value of Java
1997-02-10   Java Enhances OS/2 Warp Family of Products  More
1997-02-18   Sun's JavaStation Computer Makes 'Network' Cebut on "Friends"
1997-03-05   Sun Microsystems Ships JavaOS 1.0 to JavaOS Licensees
1997-03-17   Sun may cede some Java control
1997-04-02   Sun Announces Java Platform Roadmap  More  More  More  More
1997-05-02   MS, Compaq, HP: Sun closed on Java  More
1997-05-07   Sun thinks Java standard will fly
1997-05-27   JavaStation Computers Go To Work in Big Apple Elementary School
1997-06-05   Sun Microsystems Ships Java Web Server 1.0
1997-06-05   US Votes On Sun's Standards Submission: "No, with comments."
1997-06-05   Sun loses round in Java fight
1997-06-11   Solaris Applications Take Another Step Forward to "Write Once, Run Forever"
1997-06-16   Sun Unveils First Wave of ISV's Shipping for the Java Platform
1997-06-25   This Independence Day, Sun Microsystems' Java Technology Goes to Mars
1997-06-26   Internet Standard for Scripting Language Based on Netscape's JavaScript  More
1997-07-16   Sun's Java Technologies ISO Application Progresses  More
1997-07-23   100% Pure Java Certified Applications Proliferate
1997-08-26   IBM, Netscape, Sun Collaborate to Speed Compatibility and Deployment of Java  More
1997-08-26   Netscape to Create 100% Pure Java Version
1997-09-21   Sun Stands Firm  More  More  More
1997-09-22   Sun back to the Java table
1997-10-28   ISO's U.S. Body Votes on Sun's Application to become International Standard Submitter
1997-10-28   Sun Delivers Java Studio
1997-11-03   IBM, Lotus, Oracle and Sun Announce Java-Based Desktop Specification
1997-11-17   International Standards Organization Approves Sun's PAS Application  More  More
1997-12-10   Sun Details Java Platform Roadmap  More

1998-04-20   Sun Announces Availability of Java Plug-in
1998-05-xx   Happy 3rd Birthday  More
1998-12-08   Sun Delivers Next Version of the Java Platform. Java 2 Brand Unveiled
1998-12-16   JavaStation NC Now Available for $499

1999-01-18   Sun Power. Is the center of the computing universe shifting?
1999-02-24   Sun Releases Source Code for the Java 2 Platform
1999-05-06   Sun Submits Java Technology for Industry Standardization
1999-05-17   IBM, Novell, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and Sun-Netscape Alliance
1999-06-02   Sun Unveils JavaServer Pages Technology
1999-06-15   Java 2 Platform  More  More  More  More
1999-08-03   Sun Announces Management Changes
1999-12-07   Sun Microsystems Withdraws Java 2 Platform Submission From ECMA
1999-12-07   Sun Microsystems Announces Availability of Java 2 Platform on Linux
1999-12-07   Sun Microsystems Offers Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition for Free

2000-02-07   Community-based Process Will Drive the Future of the Java 2 Platform
2000-05-10   IBM First to Broadly Support New Java Technology
2000-06-01   Executive Committee Members To Oversee Evolution of the Java Platform  More
2000-11-xx   Java TV API Technical Overview  [PDF]
2000-11-20   New Executive Committee Members for Java Community Program 2.0 Are Instated

2001-05-xx   Java Technologies for Interactive Television  [PDF]
2001-11-20   The Java Community Process Program Announces Final Results of Elections
2001-12-17   Sun Microsystems Simplifies Building of Java-Based Web Services

2002-03-26   Sun Announces Java Center of Excellence Service to Transform Fortune 500 Companies

2003-05-15   Java Compatible and Java Verified Products Drive Demand for Java Technology
2003-05-22   New JCP Program Enhancements to Facilitate Broader Developer Participation
2003-06-11   HP To Ship Sun's Latest Java Runtime Environment
2003-06-11   Sun Builds Momentum for Java Verification Program
2003-06-11   Java Technology to Reach 10 Million Developers  More
2003-06-11   Sun Microsystems Fuses Java Technology and Web Services
2003-06-11   Father of Java, James Gosling, Celebrates "Innovation Everywhere" with Java Technology
2003-06-13   Scott McNealy Speaks Java
2003-06-30   Sun Helps Students Prepare for the Technology Workplace with Java and Unix Courses
2003-08-01   Sun and SuSE Linux Enter into Global Alliance
2003-08-05   Sun Microsystems Announces Java Technology and Linux Deliver Network Computing
2003-09-22   Jim Mitchell to Lead Sun's DARPA HPCS Research and Development Program
2003-09-23   Sun Ramps Up Global Java Software Distribution with Five New PC Alliances
2003-09-29   Sun Microsystems to Recognize a Revised Net Loss of $1,039 million
2003-10-14   Sun Establishes as Leading Consumer Destination
2003-11-12   James Gosling Named CTO of Sun's Developer Platforms Organization
2003-11-18   J2EE 1.4 Specification Wins Vote of Approval from the Java Community Process  More

2004-01-21   Welcome to
2004-02-02   Sun Microsystems Announces Sizzling Beta Version of the New Java Platform
2004-02-11   Sun CEO: Open source is our friend
2004-02-12   Open letter to Sun: Let Java Go - See document  More  More  More
2004-02-26   IBM urges Sun to make Java open source
2004-03-09   The Java Community Process (JCP) Gets Transparency and Flexibility Boost
2004-04-12   The Java Trap - See document
2004-06-24   Sun Microsystems Extends Leadership in Java Technology Training
2004-06-28   Sun Introduces Most Significant and Advance Java Platform Release in Five Years  More
2004-06-29   Scott McNealy: Java Community is Thriving. Desktop Success Affords New Opportunity
2004-08-30   Sun Java Workstations Take The Industry By Storm
2004-09-13   Inaugural Java Education and Learning Community Advisory Board
2004-09-30   Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0

2005-04-xx   How to Contribute Code to Mustang
2005-05-06   Proposal : Apache Harmony - J2SE 5 Project - See document  More
2005-05-07   Thoughts on the Apache J2SE "Harmony" Project

2006-02-27   Open Source Java: Interview with an Apache Harmony Project Founder - See document
2006-05-17   Java will go open source, but how?
2006-10-xx   James Gosling on Open Sourcing Sun's Java Platform Implementations
2006-11-13   Sun Open Sources Java Platform  More  [YouTube]  More

2007-04-10   Open Letter to Sun Microsystems - See document  More
2007-05-08   Sun Releases Java SE Platform to OpenJDK Community
2007-05-08   Liberating Java, Liberating the World  [WMA]  More  [PDF]
2007-05-08   Open Source Licensing  [PDF]
2007-05-08   OpenJDK Project Report  [PDF]
2007-05-09   The Apache Harmony Project  [PDF]
2007-05-10   Java Technology Libre Panel  [PDF]
2007-11-05   Congratulations Google, Red Hat and the Java Community!

2009-04-20   Oracle Buys Sun

2010-01-27   Oracle Completes Acquisition of Sun
2010-04-09   Time to move on
2010-08-08   Oracle and the future of the JCP
2010-08-12   Oracle Files Complaint Against Google for Patent, Copyright Infringement  More  [PDF]
2010-08-12   Oracle finally filed a patent lawsuit against Google  More  More  More

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