Java - Microsoft

1995-12-07   Microsoft Signs Letter of Intent to License Java Technology

1996-03-12   Microsoft And Sun Microsystems Conclude Agreement To License Java
1996-05-24   Microsoft Hosts Open Design Preview Of Java Reference Implementation for Windows
1996-10-01   Microsoft Announces Widespread Availability of Visual J++
1996-11-06   Intel and Microsoft to Deliver Realistic Sound and Animation Media for Java
1996-11-11   Sun's Java: The Threat to Microsoft is Real
1996-12-11   Microsoft SDK for Java Attracts More Than 50,000 Developers In Nearly Two Months

1997-03-03   Microsoft Announces Visual J++ 1.1
1997-04-02   Microsoft Releases Developer Preview of App Foundation Classes For Java  More  More
1997-06-30   Microsoft Embraces ECMA Internet Scripting Standard
1997-10-07   Sun Sues Microsoft. Java compatibility tests fail for IE 4.0  More
1997-10-07   Microsoft Releases Latest SDK for Java Version 2.0
1997-10-15   Sun-Microsoft Contract Released  More  More  More
1997-10-27   Microsoft Countersues Sun Microsystems
1997-11-18   Sun Seeks to Bar Microsoft from Unauthorized Use of "Java Compatible" Logo
1997-12-10   Microsoft Gives Java Developers a Jump-Start On Win32 Development

1998-02-27   Sun's Statement on the Hearing
1998-03-11   Apple and Microsoft to Unify Java Technologies for the Macintosh  More  More  More
1998-03-24   Microsoft Barred From Using Java Compatible Logo on Internet Explorer 4.0  More  More
1998-05-12   Sun asks Court to require Microsoft to include Java in Windows 98  More  More
1998-05-14   Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Corrected Memorandum in Support of Motion
1998-09-10   Teleconference on the Sun vs. Microsoft Hearings held at US District Court
1998-10-06   Microsoft Ships Enterprise Solutions With Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0
1998-11-17   Microsoft to Support Java Developers
1998-12-07   Microsoft Releases Latest Virtual Machine for Windows

1999-01-03   Breaking Windows  [YouTube]
1999-05-18   Microsoft Opens Java Integration Technologies

2001-01-23   Microsoft Reaches Agreement to Settle Contract Dispute With Sun Microsystems  More
2001-01-25   Microsoft Announces Java User Migration Path to Microsoft .NET
2001-08-10   Sun takes Java fight to the public
2001-08-17   An Open Letter Regarding Windows XP and Java Support
2001-11-05   Sun Delivers Java Plug-In for Windows XP

2002-03-06   Microsoft, Sun, Netscape warn of flaw in Java
2002-03-08   Sun Files Suit Against Microsoft for Antitrust Violations  More
2002-06-18   Microsoft revives Java in Windows
2002-06-19   Microsoft drops Java support on eve of court date
2002-06-28   Stop blaming Microsoft for Sun's Java woes
2002-12-02   Sun Asks Court to Put Java Into Windows
2002-12-12   Microsoft warns of Java flaws
2002-12-23   Microsoft Ordered to Bundle Java  More

2003-01-16   Microsoft Gets 120 Days to Ship Java  More
2003-02-03   Microsoft Gets to Delay Java Support  More  More
2003-02-13   Microsoft Continues to Appeal Java Order
2003-03-10   Sun Fires Latest Round in Java War
2003-04-03   Judge voices skepticism on Java order
2003-06-26   Court curbs Microsoft Java distribution  More  [PDF]
2003-10-07   Microsoft and Sun Agree on Maintenance License for MSJVM  More

2004-04-02   Microsoft and Sun Microsystems Settle Outstanding Litigation
2004-04-07   Microsoft Java Virtual Machine: Transition Guide  More  [PDFs]  More

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