SunSoft to Deliver New Java Development Tools for Dynamic Web Design, Development and Publishing

Integrated Development Environment for Solaris and Microsoft Windows incorporates HotJava browser technology

MENLO PARK, Calif. -- September 26, 1995 -- SunSoft, Inc. today announced its intent to deliver a development environment for companies using the World Wide Web for business and commerce. The SunSoft offering will include tools and define standards to enable the design, creation, publishing and distribution of dynamic Web pages and Java applications that will bring the Web to life with real-time, fully interactive graphics, audio and video. The environment will be available for both Solaris and Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT platforms, and will incorporate Sun's HotJava™ dynamic Web browser technology, launched last Spring.

SunSoft plans to deliver an initial release of the development environment in the first half of 1996 and will follow up with increasingly sophisticated offerings that leverage its industry leadership in both Internet solutions and in visual point-and-click software development.

"Doing business on the Web demands much more than traditional programming tools," said Larry Weber, vice president and general manager of the Sun Developer Products business unit. "It demands a whole new approach that dissolves the barriers between designers and programmers, developers and publishers. This will be a complete Web authoring and publishing environment that will let companies provide next generation interactive content on the Web."

SunSoft's announcement follows the companies introduction last May of key building blocks for bringing new world interactivity to the Web: the Java language and the HotJava browser to create and interact with dynamic Web content. With this new development environment, SunSoft is providing a critical piece to enable companies to conduct business and commerce on the Web.

Applets in Action

SunSoft's Web development environment will address the requirements for developing and assembling Web pages that incorporate interactive content. It combines three powerful features: a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) HTML page editor, a programming environment for Java, and a tool for publishing and reusing Java programs -- called "applets". According to Weber, this release will be a "down payment" on the company's vision of a comprehensive visual development environment that supports all aspects of doing business on the Web.

By leveraging the HotJava browsing technology, SunSoft will deliver the industry's first dynamic Web page editor, combining state-of-the-art WYSIWYG HTML editing with the ability to drag-and-drop selections from palettes of Java-based applets. This combination enables designers to instantly switch from edit to browse mode to review their work and experience their pages and applets in action.

Additionally, the offering will include an integrated set of Java development tools to help programmers visually construct and debug their interactive Java-based applets within a Web browser environment. The release will include an integrated text editor, a compiler, a visual debugger, and an integrated source browser for developing Java applets and applications.

This release will also answer the critical issues of applet publication and distribution. The new tool for applet publication will define a standard publishing format for what SunSoft calls "applet portfolios"-- a collection of descriptions, demonstrations, documentation, source code and other on-line materials that will help Web page creators search for, then use published applets. These tools enable developers to create portfolios, place them on applet palettes, then drag-and-drop the applets directly on to their Web-pages-in-progress. This provides for reuse of applets developed internally or by third-parties, facilitating applet commerce on the Web.

SunSoft also announced its commitment to providing an open, extensible Web development environment. The company promised to publish APIs (application programming interfaces) to support the integration of third-party tools. Plans for enhancement include such sophisticated features as database access, dynamic platform optimization and support for team development.

SunSoft will deliver an early access release later this year, with plans to ship in volume in the first half of 1996. For additional information please call 1-800-SunSoft, prompt 1. Look for more information about SunSoft on the worldwide web at:

About Java and the HotJava Browser

The Java language, the result of several years of research and development at Sun Microsystems, is the first language to provide a comprehensive solution to the challenges of programming for the Internet, providing portability, security, advanced networking and robustness without compromising performance.

The HotJava browser uses the Java language to expand the capabilities of current browsers by allowing the downloading of small software programs called "applets." Instead of simply reading pages, HotJava browser users execute computer applications on their screens, so they can interact with multimedia applications in real-time. A number of companies have announced plans to integrate the Java technology and HotJava dynamic browser into new applications they will develop for the Internet.

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