Java™ Education in High Demand

In Response to Record Demand Sun Educational Services Adds Offerings

(Mountain View, CA*December 22, 1995*) In response to escalating market demand, Sun Educational Services, a business unit of SunService, has greatly increased the number of Basic Java™ Programming and Advanced Java™ Programming training courses offered worldwide.

First announced in October, 1995 customer enrollment quickly outstripped the scheduled number of instructor-led classes offered by Sun Educational Services. The Java language developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. and based on the C++ language, is now considered the open standard language and has won a place in history by causing Microsoft, Inc. to acknowledge the Sun leadership and strategy for open communication protocols on the increasingly popular Internet. Other licensees include: Adobe Systems, Inc., Borland International, Inc., IBM, Macromedia, Netscape Communications, Inc. and Oracle Corporation. Silicon Graphics, and Spyglass, Inc.

"The classes were filled even before announcement due to the incredibly strong demand," said Dave Nelson, Director of the U.S. Sun Educational Services organization. "And after the announcement, enrollment calls into our nationwide 800-number topped 500 in just a few days. Demand hasn't let up, either."

In the United States and Canada, Sun Educational Services has over 250 Java course offerings available in 18 locations. In Europe, the demand forced Sun Educational Services to escalate their delivery schedule by several months. To accommodate customer demand, additional classes and locations will be added as interest continues to rise. "We knew Java was hot," said Bill Richardson, Director of Sun Educational Services worldwide, "but the demand and immediate acceptance were phenomenal. This success demonstrates our ability to delivery high quality courseware in parallel with the development of leading technology."

Information about the Java programming classes is available on the World Wide Web at this URL: or, in the U.S. by telephoning 1-800-422-8020. International inquiries should be directed to local Sun Educational Services locations.

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