SunSoft Unveils Solaris Internet Tools

$99 Package Provides Browsing, Publishing, Java Applet Development Software and Customer Web Site

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - July 16, 1996 - SunSoft, Inc., the Internet software company, today introduced the Solaris™ Internet Access PlusPack™, a new suite of tools for Internet users of the Solaris ™ operating environment on SPARC ™ or Intel-based computers. Solaris users for the first time have an integrated solution for developing Java ™ applets and browsing/publishing online information on the Internet or corporate intranet. In addition, SunSoft is providing customer service and technical support for the Internet Access PlusPack on a customized web site.

"The Solaris Internet Access PlusPack gives Solaris users all the software they need to get up and running," said Paula Sager, vice president of Solaris Client Software Products Group. "Now users have a complete, convenient, low-cost software package that lets them integrate their business with the Internet to improve communications and productivity and streamline their business processes."

The Solaris Internet Access PlusPack runs on Solaris 2.4 or later on both SPARC and Intel platforms and is fully compatible with the Solaris Common Desktop Environment (CDE) and OpenWindows ™ graphical user interfaces. Solaris is the most scalable, reliable and secure enterprise and Internet/intranet operating environment for SPARC and Intel platforms. The Solaris Internet Access PlusPack includes:

"HoTMetaL Light gives Web content developers a dynamic authoring tool to create state-of-the-art HTML pages," said Dave Gurney, chairman and chief executive officer of SoftQuad. "We are pleased that SunSoft chose us to be part of the Internet Access PlusPack."

In support of these new Internet tools, SunSoft has developed the Internet Access PlusPack Web site to provide additional product information, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), online support, discussion group email lists, and information about Java and Java applet access. The URL is

"Internet users today want to be able to do more than surf the web to find the latest product information. They want to be able to interact with people of similar interests and experiences," said Jakob Neilsen, Ph.D., distinguished engineer of SunSoft desktop technology group. "We built the PlusPack website to give our customers a place to go for the most current product updates and technical support, as well as a place to share information and ideas with their peers."


The Solaris Internet Access PlusPack will be available in June 1996. The suggested U.S. retail list price is $99. For sales information please call 1-800-SUNSOFT (prompt 1) or on the World Wide Web at in the "What's Hot" section. Customers can also get more product specific information at the Internet Access PlusPack Web site located at

SunSoft, Inc.

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