Sun Microsystems Provides Internet Backbone and Java Web Site To Democratic National Convention

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - August 21, 1996 -Extending its reputation as the Internet provider of choice, Sun Microsystems, Inc., the leading network computing company, today announced its participation at the 1996 Democratic National Convention (DNC), donating the time, hardware and Java™ to bring true interactivity to the DNC's World Wide Web site.

After analysis of its competitors, the DNC chose Sun Microsystems as its Internet platform because of Sun's flawless track record in providing mission-critical applications in web environments. Sun will employ its industry star "Java™," the company's red-hot application environment to bring the DNC Web site alive with interactivity. Sun is lending a pair of enterprise-class Internet servers, and four Ultra development workstations.

"We surveyed the competition and found Sun to be the obvious solution to our Internet needs," said Roger Schneider, DNC Internet Executive Producer. "We plan extensive multimedia use of the Sun systems, including web broadcast of speeches and live news feeds, not to mention a tsunami of home page hits. We know the Sun solution is up to the task."

Visitors who wish to "log-on" to the Internet can experience the convention first- hand through a variety of Sun applications including live video of the Convention and cyber chats, or online conversations, with delegates and Congressional Representatives. In addition, Clinton fans can create riffs on a saxophone that can be played back instantaneously. To visit the site type:

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