Intel and Microsoft to Deliver Realistic Sound and Animation Media for Java

Optimized Intel media components bolster Microsoft virtual machine for Java

REDMOND, Wash., and SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- November 6, 1996 -- Building on the recent announcement of Microsoft's SDK for Java*, Intel and Microsoft announced today that Intel's Java media components, Realistic Sound eXperience (RSX) and Realistic Display miXer (RDX), both optimized for the MMX™ instruction set, will be part of Microsoft's Java SDK third-party program, Gallery for Java. Intel's RSX and RDX software components will enable developers to bring positional sound and high-performance animation of complex scenes to Java. Software developers can immediately download RSX and RDX from Microsoft's World Wide Web site at

High Performance and Scaleable Media in Java
Intel's RSX and RDX are software components enabling developers to build media-rich Java applications that run either inside an Internet browser, stand-alone, or as a "connected CD" linking to the Internet. Both RSX and RDX, based on high-speed DirectX™ APIs, provide real-time, software-only rendering using interactive controls on media objects. And through support for the Component Object Model (COM) in Microsoft's virtual machine, Java applications using RSX and RDX run on today's PCs while automatically taking advantage of Intel MMX technology.

Intel's Internet Media Initiative
Today's announcement is part of a larger Intel Internet media strategy. The goal of Intel's Internet media strategy is to bring PC users the best possible multimedia experience on the Internet. Intel intends to accomplish this goal through software in two ways. Intel will deliver ISVs state-of-the-art software building blocks in the form of popular developer technologies, such as ActiveX™ and Java. In addition, Intel will scale its software components to the capabilities of the connection and the CPU to ensure the highest possible performance.

"The vast majority of people accessing the Internet today use Intel architecture PCs. Our goal is to enable software developers to provide these end users with the richest possible multimedia experience on the Internet," said D. Craig Kinnie, director of Intel Architecture Labs. "We are pleased to be working with Microsoft on their ActiveX initiative, bringing advanced tools to developers and new experiences to consumers."

Microsoft Gallery for Java
Microsoft, Intel, and leading vendors of technology for Java today announced the availability of a gallery of Java functionality to enrich the Microsoft virtual machine for Java. Companies contributing to the Gallery include Aimtech Corp., Bulletproof Corp., DimensionX, Intel Corp., NetDynamics, Object Design Inc., Stingray and XDB. Using technology from the Gallery, and the Microsoft Software Development Kit (SDK) for Java, developers can create richer and more powerful Internet and Intranet experiences.

"Realistic Sound eXperience and Realistic Display miXer help fulfill the tremendous desire of developers to build high performance multimedia Java applications," said John Ludwig, vice president of the Internet platform and tools division at Microsoft. "Through our efforts with Intel, consumers will experience exciting new levels of realism and interactivity on the Internet."

Software developers can immediately download RSX and RDX from Microsoft's World Wide Web site at

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