Sun Debuts the 100% Pure Java Initiative with Support of 100 Companies

Multi-Faceted Program To Provide Branding and Marketing Support for Java Developers

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Dec. 11, 1996 A group of over 100 companies today announced support for the 100% Pure Java™ initiative, an effort led by Sun Microsystems Inc.'s (NASDAQ: SUNW) JavaSoft subsidiary to help software developers build, market and sell 100% Pure Java applications that can be written once and run anywhere.

The announcement, made at Internet World, includes support from IBM, Apple Computer, Inc., Oracle Corp. and Netscape Communications Corporation, (please see Addendum No. 1) who applauded the effort to establish for developers the common set of application programming interfaces that will guarantee that Java programs written will run on any Java™ Compatible virtual machine.

In addition, over 100 independent software vendors have declared their support for the initiative and described the effort as a critical step in coalescing the industry behind the Java technology (please see Addendum No. 2).

The 100% Pure Java initiative includes a widespread series of programs that will:

"We believe this initiative, with its widespread industry support, is clear evidence of the momentum of Java as the de facto standard for the development of cross-platform, network-based applications," said Alan Baratz, president of JavaSoft. "It's obvious that the industry values the principal tenet of Java: the ability to write programs once and have them run anywhere, regardless of the underlying operating system or microprocessor."

The 100% Pure Java initiative is the complementary component to a plan, established at the outset of Java's introduction, to guarantee a unified Java in which all implementations of the Java Virtual Machine are compatible at the application layer.

A comprehensive suite of tests ensures that entities that have licensed the Java Developers Kit and embedded the Java Virtual Machine build compatible implementations. "We began the year with a suite of tests that numbered 50; with JDK™ 1.1, which we just announced, the suite includes 5,000-plus individual tests. In order to remain compliant, these companies must pass the entire test suite," said Baratz.

"Since the technology was introduced in 1995, JavaSoft and Sun have worked diligently to maintain compatibility across all implementations of Java," continued Baratz. "The 100% Pure Java program now establishes the benchmark for the other piece of the puzzle, the applications that will run on those implementations."

Moreover, emphasized Baratz, the 100% Pure Java initiative will help expedite the evolution of the Java platform. Because it will encourage the development of new, third-party 100% Pure Java APIs and libraries, developers will have a wider choice of functionality that can be either accessed through the Java platform as established by JavaSoft or by embedding third-party extensions in their applications.

The 100% Pure Java initiative will kick off with a series of educational materials supporting the concept of 100% Pure Java. Within the first quarter of 1997, Sun will introduce testing, certification and branding for applications that pass the test suite. As part of this effort, Sun, IBM and Netscape will launch a worldwide educational tour to train developers in writing and testing Pure Java applications.

A select group of ISVs who have passed the 100% Pure Java test suites and have been certified will be eligible for co-marketing funds for their products. Details of the co-marketing aspect of the 100% Pure Java initiative will be announced at JavaOneSM, the Internet's largest developer conference, in April, 1997. Additional marketing, educational, training and branding programs will be rolled out throughout 1997 and 1998.

The 100% Pure Java initiative joins a suite of other JavaSoft programs aimed at assisting developers in creating Java applications.

The Java Developer Connection, unveiled in September, provides on-line assistance for technical questions, a newsletter informing programmers of the latest developments in the Java technology, and real-time chat sessions with JavaSoft engineers.

The Java Select™ Program supports commercial Java ISVs who require a high level of technical and marketing support to help them deliver their applets/applications on time and to assist in the marketing and promotion of those applications. Details of this program will be unveiled in the first half of 1997.

For more information on the 100% Pure Java Initiative, the Java Developer Connection or the Java Select program, visit JavaSoft's web site at or call 1-800-JAVASOFT.

JavaSoft, headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., is a business unit of Sun Microsystems, Inc. The company's mission is to develop, market and support the Java™ technology and products based on it. Java supports networked applications and enables developers to write applications once that will run on any Java enabled machine. JavaSoft develops applications, tools and systems platforms to further enhance Java as the programming standard for complex networks such as the Internet and corporate intranets.

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Apple Computer, Inc.

Larry Tesler, Vice President AppleSoft and Chief Scientist Apple Computer Inc., said, "Preserving the platform independence of Java is essential to the success of this new language standard. Through Java, developers will be able to create exciting applications with the confidence that they can run on all relevant platforms. Apple Computer supports JavaSoft's `Pure Java' initiative because it is clear that only with strong collaboration among industry vendors will the Internet reach its full potential for Apple's home, education and business customers."

IBM Corp.

"As an early licensee of this technology, IBM is extremely pleased to see the industry come together in support of the 100% Pure Java initiative. We will support this effort not only with compliant products but also by helping to spearhead developer support programs including programmer education and compliance certification through our Java Validation Centers," said Patricia Sueltz, vice president, Internet Software, IBM Internet Division.

Netscape Communications Corp.

"Sun's 100% Pure Java Initiative will have an immediate and positive impact on the developer community," said Rick Schell, vice president of engineering at Netscape. "Developers are looking for guidance as the demand for Java applications explodes and this program will meet this unprecedented demand."

Oracle Corp.

"Oracle fully embraces JavaSoft's 100% Pure Java initiative," said Beatriz Infante, senior vice president of Oracle's Internet and Media Products. "This initiative factors especially well into our Network Computing Architecture, and it underscores Java as a leading technology in the world of network computing."


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