100% Pure Java Campaign Shifts into High Gear

San Francisco, Calif., April 2, 1997 - The 100% Pure Java[tm] Program, an industry-wide effort to spur the proliferation of "Write Once, Run Anywhere[tm]" Java[tm] applications, officially gets underway today with a host of education, training, marketing, product testing and certification programs. The programs were unveiled at the JavaOne[sm] Developer Conference[sm] by Sun Microsystems, Inc., who is leading the 100% Pure Java Program.

The new programs will educate software developers in the benefits of creating 100% Pure Java applications, train them to write such applications, test and certify 100% Pure Java software and provide branding and marketing support to boost awareness and sales of 100% Pure Java software products.

"The industry is closing ranks behind a unified, platform-independent Java," said Alan Baratz, president of JavaSoft, a business unit of Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Nearly every ISV and corporate developer we've talked to wants to see this effort succeed. Only 100% Pure Java ensures that developers get the benefits they've been asking for and that have made Java so overwhelmingly popular."

Those benefits include a much higher return on developer's investments since 100% Pure Java applications run on a multitude of existing and future systems, from desktop computers to supercomputers, to cell phones and smart cards.

The 100% Pure Java Program also promotes the evolution of Java computing by encouraging developers to create and certify new Java class libraries and APIs (application programming interfaces), which can then be safely used by Java developers.

Along with Sun, the 100% Pure Program is supported by Apple, IBM, Novell, Netscape and Oracle and was endorsed by more than 100 ISVs when announced last December. The partners are assisting with and helping to fund the initiative's education, training, testing/certification and marketing efforts.

Education programs include several new worldwide efforts, such as informational Web sites, the Java Education World Tour `97 currently circling the globe and developer recruitment tours conducted by Sun and partners, such as IBM.

Training efforts include developer classes, computer-based instruction (via the World Wide Web and CD-ROM) and technical sessions conducted as part of the Java Education World Tour `97. Developers will be assisted in their software efforts by the 100% Percent Pure Java Cookbook, which gives detailed specifications for creating 100% Pure Java applications. The Cookbook is now available on the JavaSoft web site located at: http://java.sun.com.

Testing and Certification will be performed by the leading independent testing house KeyLabs, Inc., assuring that the process is fair and impartial. Programs to assist developers in getting their applications prepared for certification will be unveiled this quarter.

"Our specialty is testing in network environments, so the 100% Pure Java Program was a perfect fit," said Jan Newman, president and CEO of KeyLabs. "We're excited to play a role in shaping the future of computing."

The 100% Pure Java test suite verifies that application code and any associated class libraries and APIs are written entirely in platform-independent Java, and that applications run acceptably on a range of Java-compatible platforms. After passing the tests, the developer receives a 100% Pure Java certification and license to use the 100% Pure Java logo on products and marketing materials. The logo is intended to foster brand recognition and to assure buyers that the application runs on Java-compatible computing platforms.

Marketing Programs for certified 100% Pure Java products will be offered by Sun. Promotional CD-ROMs, TV ads, online promotion and discount ads and advertorials will be offered through a program run jointly by Sun and Ziff-Davis Publishing. Ziff-Davis' Cobb Group is planning a new journal for 100% Pure Java developers. Additionally, Sun will provide 100% Pure Java developers with a range of other marketing opportunities via Sun's JavaSelect[sm] and Java Developers Connection programs, through advertising programs and through a variety of Web-based activities.

"We not only want to see 100% Pure Java products developed, we want to see them succeed in the marketplace," Baratz continued. "These marketing programs give developers a chance to establish immediate visibility on a global scale." "We're thrilled to be a partner in this important industry initiative," said Terri Holbrooke, senior vice president of marketing at Ziff-Davis. "Our worldwide range and ability to harness integrated print, online and broadcast media will help us reach the worldwide community of Java developers and users."

For more information about the 100% Pure Java Program, call 1-800-JAVASOFT (512-434-2763 for international callers) or visit http://java.sun.com/100percent.

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