Sun Microsystems Ships Java Web Server 1.0

Platform-Independent, Easy-to-Administer Product Delivers New Technology to Dynamically Extend Web Server

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - June 5, 1997 - Sun Microsystems, Inc., today announced the immediate availability of the Java[tm] Web Server[tm] 1.0 product, a platform-independent, extensible and easy-to-administer web server that uses Java[tm] technology to speed and simplify the deployment and management of Internet and intranet web sites.

The Java Web Server 1.0 product scales to meet the growing needs of businesses in two ways. First, it is available for Solaris, Windows 95 and Windows NT and can be easily moved to other platforms. Second, the Java Web Server 1.0 product uses Java Servlets[tm], pluggable server-side mini-programs, to extend the functionality of the server. For example, a sample servlet can be written to balance the load of a number of different servers, which would optimize computing resources available for applications. This load balancing servlet is included in the product. To see the Java Web Server product in action, go to the Java Developer Connection at, a site powered by Java Web Server.

The Java Web Server 1.0 product is designed for corporate developers, independent software vendors, system managers and web masters who also need an easy-to-administer environment. Java Web Server 1.0 provides on-the-fly configuration. For example, changes to user groups, or security modifications can be made without having to restart the server, a big win for companies where every second of downtime can mean hundreds of hits lost. With the Java Web Server 1.0 product there's no more server downtime due to administrative requirements.

"Java Web Server 1.0 fits into the infrastructure that corporations already have in place, while delivering the power and exceptional performance of Java Servlets, a new way to extend servers," said David Spenhoff, director of product marketing at JavaSoft, a business unit of Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Java Web Server 1.0 doesn't make you toss existing applications or hardware to move to a secure, new paradigm."

Extensible, Robust Web Server Platform

Java Servlets are a new technology to extend the capabilities of the Java Web Server 1.0 product. Java Servlets are platform-independent server-side modules written in Java. Servlets seamlessly fit into the administration and security services of Java Web Server's framework and extend the capabilities of the server. Java Servlets have significant advantages over CGI, a legacy method for interfacing applications with servers. Advantages over CGI include platform independence, better performance and Servlets are object oriented, making them easy to change and maintain. However, because many companies have already developed in CGI, Java Web Server 1.0 integrates these CGI scripts with a CGI compatibility module. The Java Web Server 1.0 product and Java Servlets give companies a great deal of flexibility by supporting existing applications while migrating to new, robust technology.

"Java Web Server 1.0 showcases the performance of Java on the server side," said Spenhoff. "Developers will be delighted with the exceptional performance they'll see from Java Servlets. They also benefit from the ease of developing secure, server-side extensions in 100% Pure Java."

Pricing and Availability

Java Web Server 1.0 binaries are available for immediate download at The product is free for a 120-day evaluation period. After the evaluation period, Java Web Server 1.0 costs $295 for the version which includes the Secure Socket Layer (SSL); $95 for the version without SSL. SSL is an industry-standard technology used in applications requiring encryption and client and server authentication. To purchase Java Web Server visit the web site or dial 800-JAVASOFT at 1-800-528-2763 or +1 512-434-1591 for international customers.

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