Sun Unveils First Wave of ISV's Shipping for the Java Platform

Sun Microsystems Sees Growing Momentum for Java Computing and Network Computers

NEW YORK, NY - June 16, 1997 - Delivering on the promise of the Java™ Enterprise Computing platform, nearly 30 independent software developers today announced they are shipping products specifically designed to run on Java-enabled Network Computers (NCs), such as the JavaStation™ system from Sun Microsystems, Inc. Of those developers, 17 will make new announcements concerning their products and suites during the PC Expo trade show in New York . The applications, all written in 100% Pure Java™ technology, range from development and network management tools to connectivity software and personal productivity solutions.

A 100% Pure Java program is one that relies only on the documented and specified Java platform. For example, it has no native methods or external dependencies. That means the application won't be tied to any particular hardware. The Java platform addresses many of the issues that corporate CIOs and MIS directors have struggled with for years: the application backlog, security and the rising complexity and total cost of managing personal computers in heterogeneous environments.

"One of the big reasons there is so much momentum behind Java Enterprise Computing is that the independent software vendors know the Java platform's `Write Once, Run Anywhere' benefit gives them the ability to write programs for the widest possible market," said Steve Tirado, director of the Java Systems Group at Sun Microsystems Computer Company. "If they are writing in 100% Pure Java, they know their applications will run on NCs, like the JavaStation, as well as on mainframes and Wintel systems. It allows ISVs to focus on innovation instead of porting."

Software developers expected to make new announcements today involving their products and suites include: Active Software; Applix, Inc.; Bulletproof Corp.; Computron Software, Inc.; GraphOn Corp.; I-Kinetics; Infoscape, Inc.; InterSoft Argentina; JScape Corp.; NetFactory, Inc.; Neuron Data; Penumbra; Software Engines, Inc.; Unikix Technologies; WebMan Technologies; WebLogic, Inc.; and Wyatt River Software.

Companies already shipping products or suites written in 100% Pure Java, who are reiterating their support for the platform, include: Abhiweb; BEA Systems; Insignia Solutions; KL Group; Object Design; Open Connect Systems; Open Horizon, Inc.; Rogue Wave Software; Sanga Enterprise Solutions; Segue: Thought, Inc.; and Unify Corp.

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