100% Pure Java Certified Applications Proliferate

35 Applications Certified 100% Pure Java; More Than 100 In Process Of Certification

Mountain View, CA -- July 23, 1997 -- Thirty-five Java™ applications have been certified 100% Pure Java™ and over 100 Java applications have been submitted to the 100% Pure Java testing and certification process since the unveiling of the 100% Pure Java Initiative programs at this year's JavaOne, Sun's Worldwide Java Developer Conference. The applications span diverse enterprise markets: from banking and financial markets to healthcare, publishing and manufacturing.

"Developers understand that only 100% Pure Java will provide the true, platform-independence they need to be successful," said Alan Baratz, president of JavaSoft, a business unit of Sun Microsystems, Inc. "We've seen a high volume of submissions to the 100% Pure Java testing and certification program in just a short period of time. This underscores the industry's serious commitment not only to Java's `Write Once, Run Anywhere™' benefits, but to Java's business value proposition as well."

The thirty-five applications that have been awarded 100% Pure Java certification span the spectrum -- from class libraries to search engines to office productivity applications. Corporations are using 100% Pure Java Certification as a quality assurance seal of approval, to ensure the applications they write -- both to deploy internally and to sell -- will run on all platforms. 100% Pure Java applications are ideally suited to network-centric computing, and as the industry moves to this paradigm, 100% Pure Java applications will provide the linchpin.

100% Pure Java Certified Applications

The following applications have been awarded 100% Pure Java certification to date:
Company Application Description
A-Frame Software Co., Inc. WorkMovr 0.01 General purpose workflow system
Agile Software Agile Configurator 2.0 Manages product configurations and bills of material
Applix, Inc. Anyware Office 4.37 Includes full-featured word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, mail and database connectivity
Cereus Design NCBasic Basic language development environment for Java
Clearview Consulting, Inc. Internet Retirement Assessor 1.0 Accesses, manages, and analyzes retirement outlook
Corel, Inc. Corel Office for Java Office productivity applications for document creation and workgroup collaboration
Digital Knowledge Assets DKA Tours 1.02 Internet-guided tours led by expert
HOME Account Network, Inc. Balancer 1.0 On-line banking and bill payment
IBM Host on Demand 1.0 Intranet/web to SNA solution
I.digm Picasso Mail Lite for Java 1.0 Internet e-mail client program
Infospace, Inc. Infospace SpaceOLAP Designer 1.0 Web-based on-line analytical processing
Innotech Multimedia Netresults 1.2 Search engine for websites and intranets
Inso Corporation International ProofReader for Java Spellchecker application with a JavaBeans interface
Interleaf, Inc. Java Viewer 1.0 Viewer that displays images, graphics, text
IQ Net Corp. IQSuite 1.0 Delivers financial analysis to investors via the Web
JStream JPress Document Viewer .06d Converts standard document formats into 100% Pure Java
MerzCom MerzScope 1.0 Web mapping and navigation tool
NEON, Inc. NEONet M&Q 3 Middleware facilitating data connectivity
NetAccent, Inc. DART Mail 1.0 Full-featured e-mail client
NetFactory, Inc. NetCharts 2.0 Creates HTML-based bars and chart
Netmosphere ActionPlan 1.0.1 Enterprise software to accelerate business projects with live collaboration
OpenConnect Systems WebConnect 3 Provides secure access to host SNA applications over Inter/intra/extranet
Open Horizon Ambrosia 1.1.0 Business event engine
Oracle Developer/2000 Web Cartridge Delivers application development support
PHD - Professional Help Desk PHDWeb 1.0 Help desk solution
Resonate, Inc. Resonate Dispatch Manager 2.0 Enables distributed Web Servers to act as a single Internet Server
SensiView Corporation SensiView Virtual Sensors X_2 SensiView extends sensor monitoring into CypberSpace
Sun Microsystems, Inc. Java Compiler .0.6.1 Parser generator for Java
Sun Microsystems, Inc. JavaPureCheck 1.1 Checks the purity of Java programs
Sybase, Inc. jConnect Java implementation of JDBC
TRADE'ex Electronic Commerce Systems, Inc. TRADE'ex Distributor 1.11 Enables the creation of a virtual marketplace
TRADE'ex Electronic Commerce Systems, Inc. TRADE'ex MarketMaker 3.11 Enables intranet transactions
U&I Interactive Software, Inc. WorldMaker 1.0 Brings visual interaction to Web sites
Visual Numerics, Inc. JNL 1.0 Set of classes for numerical functions
WebMan Technologies, Inc. Timecruiser 1.03 Web-oriented time and information management system
Wyatt River Software LicenseServ 5.0 Provides license enforcement for Java, PC and UNIX applications and integration with enterprise administration tools

The 100% Pure Java initiative is an industry-wide campaign to help software developers create, test, certify, market and sell 100% Pure Java applications.

Once certified, ISVs can participate in a significant series of co-marketing and branding programs. These include: use of the 100% Pure Java logo, event co-marketing, channel marketing, inclusion in promotional CD-ROMs, special advertising packages, inclusion in case studies and direct access to a 100% Pure Java representative at Sun. 100% Pure Java applications are also showcased in Java Partners Pavilions, where certified companies are invited to demonstrate their applications in a high-visibility setting. Java Partners Pavilions are featured at events and trade shows like JavaOne, Java Internet Business Expo and even this week at Internet World, Chicago. Certified companies also are offered membership to Sun's Java Select Program, which supports commercial Java ISVs who require a high level of technical and marketing support to help them deliver their applets/applications on time.

"Many of our corporate customers have sought the 100% Pure Java seal of approval as quality assurance for applications they are developing both to use themselves internally and to sell to their customers," Baratz continued.

Along with Sun, the 100% Pure Java Initiative is supported by Apple, IBM, Novell, Netscape, and Oracle and was endorsed by more than 100 companies when announced last December. At JavaOne this year, Sun launched a suite of 100% Pure Java education, training, marketing and testing/certification programs.

For more about the 100% Pure Java Initiative, call our information hotline at 1-800-528-2763 (512-434-1591 for international callers) or visit http://java.sun.com/100percent.

Java Internet Business Expo

Java Internet Business Expo takes place August 25-28, 1997 in New York's Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The Java industry will converge on this event to showcase the latest applications and solutions that take Java beyond the desktop -- from consumer electronic devices to enterprise-wide Java-based computing. For more information, or to register, visit http://www.javaexpo.sbforums.com or call 888-528-2397

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Quote Addendum

IBM Corporation
"IBM is unwavering in our support of the 100% Pure Java initiative for the simple fact that it allows our customers and developers to reap the full promise of all Java can do," said David Gee, Program Director, Java Marketing for IBM. "As Java continues to mature, the benefits realized from "Write Once, Run Anywhere" will become apparent across the enterprise as companies deploy Java as the glue to tie their disparate systems together. With our IBM Host-on-Demand offering, IBM was one of the first in the industry to have an application certified 100% Pure Java. It is our intention to follow this with other offerings that meet the certification guidelines and provide our customers with the Java-based cross-platform solutions they need to meet their business challenges."

Contact: Judy Radlinsky
IBM Corporation
Email: radlin1@us.ibm.com


Netscape Communications Corporation
"Netscape is a firm supporter -- and active participant in -- Sun's 100% Pure Java program because we believe that Pure Java is key to enabling developers to build Crossware applications, a new class of applications that span operating systems, networks and businesses," said Rick Schell, senior vice president of the client and platform product division at Netscape. "Netscape has delivered its first all-Java products, the Netscape Internet Foundation Classes, which are currently being certified as 100% Pure by Sun and are being used to develop the new Java Foundation Classes. In addition, Netscape plans to increase its Java product development and release more 100% Pure Java products this year."

Contact: Andrea Cook
Netscape Communications Corp.
Email: andreac@netscape.com


Novell, Inc.
"As the first server licensee of Java, Novell recognizes the potential of Java applications that support the 100% Pure Java initiative," commented David V. Clare, senior director of Novell's Developer Technology Group. "As we demonstrated during the Java World Tour, Novell is committed to the 100% Pure Java Initiative and will ensure that IntranetWare provides the ideal Java application and execution environment for 100% Pure Java applications."

Contact: Gordon Evans
Novell, Inc.
Email: gmevans@novell.com

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