Netscape to Create 100% Pure Java Version

Sun to Include Netscape's HTML Component with the JDK; Sun to Standardize on New 100% Pure Javatm Version of Navigator

New York, N.Y. -- August 26, 1997 - Netscape Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: NSCP) and Sun Microsystems Inc. today announced that Netscape plans to deliver a 100% Pure Java[tm] version of Netscape Navigator client software by 1998, which will integrate Sun's HotJava[tm] technology. The software will run on Sun's products including the JavaStation[tm], as well as any platform with a Java Virtual Machine[tm]. In addition, Sun's JavaSoft division has agreed to include Netscape's HTML rendering component, a JavaBean[tm], in conjunction with the Java Development Kit (JDK), making Netscape's technology the standard for HTML rendering for Java applications.

Sun also plans to ship the 100% Pure Java version of Netscape's browser as the standard browser technology with Sun's products. Today's announcement significantly furthers Netscape's recently announced "Netscape Everywhere" initiative, aimed at bringing Netscape browser technology to millions of new users in both homes and businesses. Last week, Netscape announced that it would offer Netscape Navigator 4.0 -- the latest version of the world's most popular browser software -- as a stand-alone product, and announced partnerships with leading OEMs, Internet service providers and telephone companies around the world to deliver more than 100 million copies of Netscape client software to home users, and millions more to enterprises.

"Sun's commitment to standardize on the 100% Pure Java Netscape Navigator software as its standard browser continues the tremendous momentum behind our Netscape Everywhere initiative, bringing Netscape technology to millions of new users," said Jim Barksdale, president and chief executive officer at Netscape. "This announcement, combined with the inclusion of our HTML component in the JDK, represents a tremendous step toward our goal of making Netscape client technology ubiquitous in both homes and businesses."

"Our customers want Netscape's industry-standard browsing technology as well as 100% Pure Java," said Alan Baratz, president of Sun's JavaSoft division. "This agreement to fuse the best of Sun's Java technology and Netscape's Navigator technologies will deliver the next-generation in Web access."

John Thompson, senior vice president and software group executive at IBM, said, "As a licensee of Netscape Navigator, IBM welcomes Netscape's commitment to deliver a 100% Pure Java version of its browser. This will give users a standards-based solution for accessing information and networked applications. Sun's plans to include the Netscape HTML rendering technology with the JDK is a further advance in Java's ease-of-use."

Sun announced it would ship the 100% Pure Java browser technology as its standard browser in its products including workstations, servers, JavaStations and the Java Development Kit. This standardization will help to ensure that users can take advantage of the consistent and easy-to-use interface that Netscape Navigator provides across a wide range of platforms. Netscape plans to integrate Sun's HotJava technology, which Netscape has licensed from Sun, into its 100% Pure Java based Netscape Navigator.

Sun has also agreed to include the Netscape HTML rendering component with the JDK. Netscape is delivering its next-generation, high-performance HTML rendering engine, written in 100% Pure Java, as an embeddable JavaBean component. This technology benefits developers because they can rapidly create Crossware applications - applications that span platforms, operating systems and databases - based on Java and JavaScript. Sun intends to use the technology as the basis for products it will build.

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