IBM, Netscape, and Sun Collaborate to Speed Perfomance, Compatibility, and Deployment of Java Platform

New Java Porting and Tuning Center Established

NEW YORK - August 26, 1997 -- IBM, Netscape Communications Corporation and Sun Microsystems, Inc., today announced the Java Porting and Tuning Center, where they will work to speed Java performance and ensure timely, consistent distribution of Java(tm) implementations to the industry.

The new center, housed at Sun's JavaSoft division in Cupertino, Calif., will initially be staffed by engineers from the three companies. Its first activity will be to tune the Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.1 class libraries for higher performance. These will be delivered concurrently during the fourth quarter of 1997 for all leading operating systems, browsers and tools.

At the same time, the Java Porting and Tuning Center will begin work on the next release of the JDK, to create extremely high performance Java implementations. The companies have set a goal of delivering these implementations concurrently on all major platforms during the second quarter of 1998.

The Center expects to provide immediate access to a high-performing Java implementation on the customer's platform of choice. Developers will have a consistent high-performance universal Java deployment environment that incorporates every element of Sun's Java reference platform. End-users can be ensured that the 100% Pure Java applications they use will perform consistently across a wide range of operating systems, browsers, tools and applications.

As an added benefit to developers, IBM, Netscape and Sun also announced that developer partners of Sun and Netscape would be able to receive 100% Pure Java pre-certification testing support for no charge via IBM's Solution Studios for Java.

In a separate announcement, Netscape and Sun unveiled plans for a 100% Pure Java version of Netscape Navigator in early 1998. As part of that announcement, Sun revealed plans to include Netscape's HTML component with the JDK and to standardize on the 100% Pure Java version of Navigator expected in Q1 1998.

"The Java momentum is unstoppable, and our customers demand benefits only Java can provide -- write once, run anywhere, safe network delivery, and scalability," said Scott G. McNealy, chairman and CEO of Sun Microsystems, Inc. "The Java Porting and Tuning Center will ensure that our customers get what they want -- instantly. Instant ubiquity, instant quality, instant high performance. This is the environment they expect for their 100% Pure Java applications. The Java platform's place in the computing mainstream demands that we take this step -- for Java now and in the future."

Jim Barksdale, president and CEO of Netscape, said, "Today's announcement by IBM, Netscape and Sun is a landmark event that will further advance the Java platform and serve to ensure that enterprise developers can easily create and deploy Java applications that span platforms, operating systems and databases. Netscape was the first to offer Java support in its commercial software, and we remain committed to delivering 100% Pure Java to our customers. By working jointly with industry-leading partners, we can significantly accelerate the already tremendous momentum behind Java-based development."

John M. Thompson, IBM senior vice president and software group executive, said, "This collaboration by IBM, Sun and Netscape will speed the adoption of Java for use in the enterprise, where it is already gaining ground as a core technology for building e-business applications. IBM is pleased to contribute our technical expertise to the center and extend our support facilities to more developers."

Other companies are invited to contact Sun about working with the Java Porting and Tuning Center via

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