Sun Stands Firm

PALO ALTO, Calif -- September 21, 1997 -- In a press teleconference today, Sun Microsystems' JavaSoft division president Alan Baratz said that Sun invented Java, Sun is the custodian of Java, and takes this role very seriously. Sun will continue driving Java's direction, based on industry and customers input, and will not deviate from this course.

Sun Microsystems introduced Java in 1995; it owns and invests aggressively in the Java brand. Today Sun said it will use the brand to ensure "Java" always means Write Once Run Anywhere[tm], Safe Network Delivery and Smart Card to Supercomputer scalability.

Java has gained enormous popularity and support in the last 800 days because of these three key characteristics: platform independence, safe network delivery and scalability. By definition, Java applications run on any platform -- in products as big as supercomputers and as small as "smart" credit cards.

These traits have turned Java into the software industry's genetic code. The technology delivers value like no other technology can. And because the industry plays a vital role in the development of the interfaces and implementation of the Java platform.

All of this openness threatens Microsoft, which has retreated to a cloak of closed, proprietary software for protection.

"Every single thing Microsoft says and does is designed to preserve their monopoly," Baratz said. "They have no other motivation. And they're a monopoly that sees they are under siege."

Despite Microsoft's efforts to derail Java, support and industry momentum remains strong. The independent Java Lobby ( and scores of developers around the world have expressed their concerns that Java remain open.

To that end, Java was submitted to ISO to become a standard. The voting on Sun's submission is still under way. The latest developments in this process, including comments ISO members made to Sun's submission, will be available by close of business today (Monday) at

Final results of the ISO vote are expected in six weeks.

"Regardless of whether Sun's ISO application is accepted or rejected - we will continue to lead the industry in the evolution of the Java platform," said Baratz.

A transcript of the entire press teleconference is available on the Web site.