Sun Delivers Java Studio -- Sun's First-Ever Dynamic Java Authoring Tool for the Masses

"Live" Environment Speeds Java Application Development

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- October 28, 1997 -- In another Java™ technology milestone, Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced availability of Java™ Studio™. A dynamic Java authoring tool, Java Studio allows non-programmers to intuitively create Java applets and applications that enable access to "real-time" information and helps businesses keep pace in the Web-enhanced world without writing a single line of code.

Bridging the gap between code-writing programmers and content creators, Java Studio features a "live" environment for simultaneous development and testing of applications and allows users without programming experience to create applications which access, manipulate and publish information on the Internet by visually wiring together or connecting JavaBeans™ components. Java Studio is a fast and easy way to boost productivity, especially for overworked IT professionals and programmers who need to maximize their time.

It's All in the Beans

The compelling ingredient in Java Studio is JavaBeans components -- reusable pieces of pre-coded software that can range from simple animation and multimedia to complex logic Beans with more sophisticated functionality. Java Studio exploits the ease-of-use characteristic of Beans by enabling users to build dynamic, network-aware Web pages and applications by simply using a click of a mouse to link together Beans.

With its "live" environment, Java Studio speeds development by letting users test the end result of their applications at the same time they are developing them -- without having to publish or run the application or even change screens.

To get users off to a quick start, Java Studio comes with a palette of more than 50 Beans from component vendors including KL Group, Ludens, Object Design, Inc., and THOUGHT Inc. Beans included with Java Studio enable:

Sun is also working with additional component vendors including Argent Software, Athena Design, Halcyon Software, Object/FX Corp., and Stingray Software.

To enhance the functionality of Java Studio, other 100 % Pure Java components can be easily imported from third party vendors or developed internally with any Beans-compliant integrated development environment such as Sun's Java WorkShop. The ability to import Beans endows Java Studio with virtually limitless functionality and interoperability and continues to fuel the growth of the Beans market.

Java Studio is a significant addition to Sun's suite of Java tools, which together allow people of different skill levels to work as a team to produce custom Web-based applications more efficiently, thus reducing the duration and cost of development while increasing productivity.

"Java Studio is a landmark product for the Internet community," said Larry Weber, vice president & general manager, Sun's Authoring and Development Tools group. "With its completely visual environment and support for the JavaBeans component architecture, Java Studio is extremely easy to use and delivers power and flexibility to the growing number of `inventive end users' such as Web masters, content creators and graphic artists to keep them competitive in the fast-paced Internet age."

Added Weber, "Beta customers are extremely excited about Java Studio and the flexibility it offers to vertical markets. Human resources professionals can use Java Studio for developing interactive training programs for employees; stock traders can use Java Studio to customize their desktop to optimize real-time trading; and teachers and students can design and create interactive Web sites with animation and sound to celebrate holidays and enhance special class projects."

The Nuts and Bolts of Java Studio

Java Studio is the first in many areas:

Bundle Promotion: Java Studio & Java WorkShop

For a limited time, customers can purchase Java Studio bundled with Java™ WorkShop™ at a special low price of US$189 MSRP, a savings of $35 if purchased separately. .

Combining the ease of use and fast assembly of Java Studio with the powerful functionality of Java WorkShop gives developers a solid, complete solution for application development with Beans.

Sun Tool Users and Sun Tool Partners will both benefit from the Sun Java Component Depot. The Java Component Depot is a Web site which showcases Beans created by independent software vendors, and optimized for use with Sun's Java Studio authoring package and Java WorkShop development environment. Email for more information about participating as a vendor.

Pricing & Availability

Java Studio has an estimated street price of US$79 and can be purchased immediately at the Sun Software Shop. Java Studio is supported on Sun™ Solaris™, and Windows 95 and NT.

Java Studio can also be purchased at retail software stores nationwide by the end of the year. OEM & reseller partners will also make the dynamic authoring tool available, including Netscape at

For more information call 1-800-SUNSOFT, 1-800-786-7638, prompt 2, then prompt 1. 650-336-5197, prompt 2, then prompt 1 (outside USA).

Kudos from Industry Watchers

Industry watchers including Aberdeen Group, Business Research Group, Dataquest, International Data Corporation, NC.Focus, and Patricia Seybold Group applaud Sun's introduction of Java Studio:

"Java Studio will become a basic tool for every developer, and development team, that creates high function user interfaces a front-end to sophisticated applications or as a high impact Web page" said Tim Sloane, Director, Aberdeen Group.

"Corporations are looking for ways to create more interactive Web sites. Java Studio is an easy-to-use tool for non-programmers to build dynamic Web pages," said Tracy Corbo, senior analyst, Business Research Group.

"Java Studio's use of stereo-like jacks as a metaphor for connecting JavaBeans components is a familiar way to introduce the concepts of software component assembly," said Larry Perlstein, principal analyst, Dataquest.

"Java Studio is a pivotal product ... to making it easy to create basic Java applications and dynamic Web pages with nominal or no coding," said Evan Quinn, research director, IDC.

"I see it [Java Studio] having tremendous application in vertical markets requiring logical modeling such as plant design and electronic schemas," said JP Morgenthal, Java computing analyst, NC.Focus.

"It's [Java Studio] a very intuitive tool that comes with everything needed to begin developing and deploying dynamic custom [Java] solutions," said Mitch Kramer, senior consultant, Patricia Seybold Group.

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